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                 Metafix Ctp-pH Control-R4-Universal
Graphic Arts Applications

Product Description:

How to best treat Computer to Plate (CTP) waste? Until
now, the only viable option has been hauling, which is
expensive, requires storage and ultimately only
transfers the problem elsewhere.

Today, Metafix offers the first real alternative:
The Metafix CTP-pH-Control-R4 Universal System鈩?.

This is not just a machine, it鈥檚 a waste management and
tracking system that manages and monitors CTP
effluent allowing generators to safely discharge all
types of Thermal, Violet and Photopolymer CTP
effluent On-Site!

The Metafix CTP-pH-Control-R4-Universal System鈩?
collects, measures and neutralizes the pH levels of all
CTP waste effluent using a specially formulated
neutralizing agent, MetaAid鈩?.

After neutralization, the effluent can be safely
discharged on-site. It鈥檚 fully automatic so there鈥檚 no Features & Benefits:
鈥ontrols and tracks the flow of all solutions via a programmable
handling, no storage, and no hauling of waste
monitoring and metering system - Simple and accountable
effluent management.
鈥mall footprint - only 4.0 sq. ft.
Each CTP-pH-Control installation is tracked in our
鈥liminates costly haul-away costs.
MetaTrax鈩? (Environmental Management System)
database. Volume Reports, Incident Reports and Sample 鈥liminates storage and manifesting of potentially hazardous
Discharge results can be obtained online or we can chemicals - all effluent is managed and
issue reports when requested. discharged on-site.
鈥oll-free hotline delivers instant access to manufacturer direct
As part of our integrated MetaTrax鈩? Service Plan,
service/support team.
Metafix will monitor your system, keeping track of
鈥tylish and Innovative industrial design - Looks as good as it
consumables and maintenance making sure the Metafix
CTP-pH Control system R2鈩? is working as hard as you
are. 鈥ast treatment cycle - Keeps up with large processing volumes
鈥arge holding tanks - Holds all processor maintenance dumps -
No jugs
Environmental Compliance 鈥ample ports - Easy to take samples
Systems 鈥odular components - Easy to service and maintain
鈥ow Voltage 24v Pumps - Safe operation
鈥ccurate Peristaltic Pumps - Reliable 漏 clog-free 漏 鈥peration
Tel: 1-800-667-8921 (514) 633-8663 Fax: (514) 633-1678
鈥uick release connectors - Easy Maintenance and Service
鈥ey operation alarms - Alert operators to any errors
鈥peration log - Software retains Date/ Time stamped log of all
鈥asy to understand interactive display and keyboard
鈥obust Industrial Grade pH Probe - Accurate pH readings
鈥ptional network communication port - RS-232 or IP Enabled
Metafix Ctp-pH Control-R4-Universal
Graphic Arts Applications

Model Part # Dimensions Floor Weight Average Rate
Space Neutralization (Dev Only)
R4 Universal A10889 50.5鈥滺x24.5鈥滵x24鈥漌 100lbs 24Liters 576 Liters
110Volts 45.5kg 6.34USG 152 USG
1.5 Amps Per hour Per Day

R4 Universal A10897 50.5鈥滺x24.5鈥滵x24鈥漌 100lbs 24Liters 576 Liters
220/240 Volts 45.5kg 6.34USG 152 USG
.75 Amps Per hour Per Day
MetaAid Neutralization solution based upon effluent type.

Metafix, MetaTrax, MetaAid, Enviro-Jet and MiX eXchanger are trademarks of Metafix Inc.
Foreign and domestic patents pending. Metafix reserves the right to modify the information above without notice.

Copyright 2005, Metafix, Inc. All rights reserved.

Environmental Compliance
Tel: 1-800-667-8921 (514) 633-8663 Fax: (514) 633-1678

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