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MINIPRILLS鈩? 21-7-14

Professional Grade "Mini" Fertilizer
Total N 21.0% Avail. Phosphate (P2O5) 7.0%
Ammoniacal N 11.1% Soluble Potash (K2O) 14.0%
Nitrate N 9.9% Sulfur (S) 5.1%
SGN 123
Derived from: DAP, MAP, Ammonium Nitrate, Calcium Phosphate and SOP

YaraMila鈩iniPrills鈩? 21-7-14 takes sports turf fertility to the
next level. It provides complete, high-performance turf nutrition
in a new, smaller prill (SGN 123).

The Advantages Are Clear:
鈥iniPrills鈩? is consistently sized to offer more prills per square
Advantages for the
foot: Even coverage means no color mottling, no burns.
Landscape Professional
鈥omogenous prills provide no segregation of nutrients, feeding
turf accurately and uniformly for even growth - no "hot spots".
1. Homogenous, dust free prills with
鈥 low irrigation volume is required to water in completely - ideal N-P-K-S ratio for high
with no need to close the fertilized area for play after performance sports turf.
2. "Mini" sized (SGN 156) for very
uniform coverage and rapid
Split Nitrogen 鈥? Fast Response & Sustained Feeding.
MiniPrills鈩? supplies nitrate nitrogen for quick green-up even in
cool weather, and ammonium nitrogen for sustained feeding. 3. High concentration, with 2 types
of nitrogen: Nitrate for quick
High analysis 鈥? MiniPrills鈩? 21-7-14 contains 47% plant response and Ammonium for lasting
nutrients! P and K strenghthen roots and increase tolerance to
drought, disease, and traffic. Sulfur supports proper turf 4. Low salt index, very safe for turf.
establishment and rich, even, and sustained greening.
5. Easy and accurate calibration.
MINIPRILLS鈩? 21-7-14

Established Turf: Broadcast 5 pounds of YaraMila鈩? Miniprills鈩?
21-7-14 per 1,000 square feet. Apply irrigation to dissolve
fertilizer and incorporate into turfgrass rooting zone.
Coverage: 10,000 sq. ft./50 lbs. bag.

Overseeding: Broadcast 4 pounds of YaraMila鈩? Miniprills鈩?
21-7-14 per 1,000 square feet. Water in immediately after

Broadleaf coverage:
At the beginning of the growing season and again halfway
through, broadcast 4-5 pounds of YaraMila鈩? Miniprills鈩? 21-7-14 Suggestions for Use
per 1,000 square feet. Wash any fertilizer prills off the foliage
immediately to prevent spotting. 1. Apply when foliage is dry and soil
Note: Bulk density approximately 65 lbs/ft3.
2. Apply with well maintained
equipment for even distribution and
optimum results.
CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children and pets.
3. Water immediately after
application to wash foliage and carry
fertilizer into the soil.

The information provided is accurate to the best of Yara's knowledge and belief. Any
recommendations are meant as a guide and must be adapted to suit local

Yara North America, Inc

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