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                                   Material Safety Data Sheet
1. IDENTIFICATION: Specific Hazards: Reacts with oxidizing 12. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION:
Product Name: GreenClean Granular substances 鈥? decomposition may support Toxic to simple cell organisms
Algaecide combustion. Danger to the environment is limited - due
Product Type: Algaecide to product properties.
Manufacturer: BioSafe Systems L.L.C. 6. SPILL OR LEAK PROCEDURES: 鈥? No bioaccumulation
36 Commerce Street Cleanup: Collect the product with suitable 鈥? Soil degradation = 99% in 20 minutes
Glastonbury, CT 06033 means, shovel, and sweep, avoiding dust 鈥? Considerable abiotic and biotic degradability
Office Telephone Number: (888) 273-3088 formation. 鈥? Sediments = Non-significant adsorption
Emergency: CHEMTREC: 800-424-9300 Waste Disposal: Do not return spilled or 鈥? Weak persistence of degradation products
(24 HOURS EVERY DAY) contaminated material to inventory. Clean the 鈥? Degradation products = sodium carbonate,
Creation Date: 9/05 area with large quantities of clean, cold water. carbon dioxide, bicarbonate carbonate,
鈥? Never return unused product to the 13. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS:
2. COMPONENTS: original container Packing Treatment: Rinse empty containers
Sodium Carbonate 鈥? Keep concentrate away from reactive with clean water. Clean and empty containers
Peroxhydrate: CAS 15630-89-4 substances are to be recycled or disposed on
Sodium Carbonate: CAS 497-19-8 鈥? Prevent contact with organic materials accordance with local regulations.
鈥? Keep product in original container
3. HEALTH HAZARDS DATA: 鈥? Store in cool, dry area 14. TRANSPORT INFORMATION:
Inhalation: Slight nose and throat irritation 鈥? Keep out of direct sunlight and away D.O.T. Shipping Name: Not regulated
Eye contact: Severe eye irritation, risk from heat sources UN Number: None
of serious eye lesions Hazard Class: None
Skin contact: Slight irritation 8. EXPOSURE CONTROLS / PERSONAL Primary Hazard Label: None
Ingestion: Severe irritation of the mouth, PROTECTION: Subsidiary Risk Label: None
throat, esophagus and stomach Respiratory: For most conditions, no Packing Group: None
respiratory protection should be needed. WHMIS Classification: C 鈥? oxidizing
4. FIRST AID: Eyes: Use dust proof chemical goggles material
If inhaled: Immediately move a person to Hands: Protective gloves 鈥? chemical resistant
fresh air. Consult with a physician in case of Skin: Body-covering clothing To the extent of our knowledge, the
respiratory symptoms. information herein is accurate as of the date
Eyes: Immediately flush with plenty of cool 9. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL of this document. However, neither BioSafe
running water. Remove contact lenses. PROPERTIES: Systems nor any of its affiliates make any
Continue flushing for at least 15 minutes, Appearance: White, granular, solid warranty, expressed or implied, or accept
holding eyelids apart to ensure rinsing of the Odor: None any liability in connection with the
entire eye. Call a physician immediately. Bulk Density: 1.0 鈥? 1.2 g/cm3 information or its use. The information is for
Skin: Remove contaminated shoes, socks, Solubility: 140 g/L @ 24潞 C (75潞 F) use by technically skilled persons at their
and clothing. Wash the affected skin with pH: 1% solution: 10.4 鈥? 10.6 own discretion and risk. This is not a license
running water. Wash clothing before reuse. or a patent. The user alone must finally
If swallowed: Consult a physician in all 10. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY: determine suitability of any information or
cases. If the subject is completely conscious, Stability: Stable under normal conditions material for any contemplated use, the
rinse mouth and administer fresh water. Do Avoid: Heat/Sources of Heat 鈥? manner or use and whether any patents
NOT induce vomiting. NEVER give anything Water/Moisture 鈥? Acids 鈥? Bases 鈥? are infringed.
by mouth to an unconscious person. Reducing Agents 鈥? Organic Materials

Special fire hazards: Oxidizing substance Acute Toxicity: A Product of:
that causes exothermic reactions with 鈥? Dermal = LD Lo rabbit > 2000 mg/kg
organic materials. 鈥? Inhalation = LC 0 1 hour, rat Glastonbury, CT 06033
Fire fighting methods: Product is not > 4580 mg /m 888-273-3088
flammable and can be quickly diluted with 鈥? Oral = LD 50 rat 1034 mg/kg
clean water.
3000-4 9/2005

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