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                                                                          M AT E R I A L S A F E T Y
1. IDENTIFICATION Specific Hazards: Reacts with strong 鈥? Oral = LD 50 rat 1034 mg/kg
Product Name: GreenCleanPRO reducing agents 鈥? decomposition may
Granular Algaecide support combustion. 12. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION
Product Type: Algaecide Toxic to simple cell organisms. Danger to
Manufacturer: BioSafe Systems L.L.C. 6. SPILL OR LEAK PROCEDURES the environment is limited - due to
36 Commerce Street Cleanup: Collect the product with suitable product properties.
Glastonbury, CT 06033 means, shovel, and sweep, avoiding dust 鈥? No bioaccumulation
Creation Date: 11/05 formation. 鈥? Soil degradation = 99% in 20 minutes
NOTE: NOT VALID TWO YEARS AFTER Waste Disposal: Do not return spilled or 鈥? Considerable abiotic and biotic
CREATION DATE. contaminated material to inventory. degradability
Clean the area with large quantities of 鈥? Sediments = Non-significant adsorption
2. COMPONENTS clean, cold water. 鈥? Weak persistence of degradation prod-
Sodium Carbonate ucts
Peroxhydrate: . . . . . . . . .CAS 15630-89-4 7. HANDLING AND STORAGE 鈥? Degradation products = sodium
鈥? Never return unused product to the carbonate, carbon dioxide, bicarbonate
3. HEALTH HAZARDS DATA original container. carbonate, hydrogen dioxide.
Inhalation: Slight nose and throat irritation. 鈥? Keep concentrate away from reactive
Eye contact: Severe eye irritation, risk 鈥? Prevent contact with organic materials. Packing Treatment: Rinse empty
of serious eye lesions. 鈥? Keep product in original container. containers with clean water. Clean and
鈥? Store in cool, dry area. empty containers are to be recycled or
Skin contact: Slight irritation. 鈥? Keep out of direct sunlight and away disposed on accordance with local
from heat sources. regulations.
Ingestion: Severe irritation of the mouth,
PROTECTION D.O.T. Shipping Name: Oxidizing Solid
4. FIRST AID Respiratory: For most conditions, no N.O.S.
If inhaled: Immediately move a person to respiratory protection should be needed. UN Number: UN # 3378
fresh air. Consult with a physician in case Eyes: Use dust proof chemical goggles. Hazard Class: 5.1
of respiratory symptoms. Hands: Protective gloves 鈥? chemical Primary Hazard Label: Oxidizer
resistant. Subsidiary Risk Label: None
Eyes: Immediately flush with plenty of cool Skin: Body-covering clothing. Packing Group: III
running water. Remove contact lenses. WHMIS Classification: C 鈥? oxidizing
Continue flushing for at least 15 minutes, 9. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES material
holding eyelids apart to ensure rinsing of the Appearance: White, granular, solid
entire eye. Call a physician immediately. Odor: None To the extent of our knowledge, the
Bulk Density: 1.0 鈥? 1.2 g/cm3 information herein is accurate as of the
Skin: Remove contaminated shoes, socks, Solubility: 140 g/L @ 24潞C (75潞F) date of this document. However, neither
and clothing. Wash the affected skin with pH: 1% solution: 10.4 鈥? 10.6 BioSafe Systems nor any of its affiliates
running water. Wash clothing before make any warranty, expressed or implied,
reuse. 10. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY or accept any liability in connection
Stability: Stable under normal conditions with the information or its use. The
If swallowed: Consult a physician in all cases. Avoid: information is for use by technically
If the subject is completely conscious, rinse 鈥? Heat/Sources of Heat skilled persons at their own discretion and
mouth and administer fresh water. Do NOT 鈥? Water/Moisture risk. This is not a license or a patent. The
induce vomiting. NEVER give anything by 鈥? Acids user alone must finally determine
mouth to an unconscious person. 鈥? Bases suitability of any information or material
鈥? Reducing Agents for any contemplated use, the manner or
5. FIRE AND EXPLOSION DATA 鈥? Organic Materials use and whether any patents are
Special fire hazards: Oxidizing substance infringed.
that causes exothermic reactions with 11. TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION
organic materials. Acute Toxicity: Glastonbury, CT 06033
Fire fighting methods: Product is not 鈥? Dermal = LD Lo rabbit > 2000 mg/kg 1.888.273.3088 (toll free)
flammable and can be quickly diluted with 鈥? Inhalation = LC 0 1 hour, rat
clean water. > 4580 mg /m
Form# 9011 11/05

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