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                                                                                                 Physical Properties

Acetic Acid


The data in this section refers to the pure acid. Values for the commercial product may deviate slightly
from these figures.

Molecular mass 60.053
Density at 20掳C 1.049 kg/litre
Melting point 16.66掳C
Latent heat of fusion at 195.5 kJ/kg掳C
melting point
Boiling point at 1013 mbar 117.9掳C
Latent heat of vaporisation at 394.5 kJ/kg
boiling point
Critical temperature 591.95 K
Critical pressure 5.786 MPa
Coefficient of expansion
at 20掳C 1.04 x 10-3 per 掳C
Mean from 0-100掳C 1.12 x 10-3 per 掳C
Specific heat capacity at 19.4掳C 2.043 J/g /K
(liquid, constant pressure)
Normal entropy S掳 ( liq, 25掳c) 159.8 Jmol/K
S掳 ( s, 25掳c ) 282.5 Jmol/K
Vapour pressure at 20掳C 15.7 mbar
Heat of formation (vapour) 432.25 kJ/mole
Flash point (closed cup) 43掳C
Autoignition temperature 463掳C
Flammable limits in air
lower 4.0% volume
upper 16.00% volume
Heat of combustion -786.6 KJ/mol
Dielectric constant (liquid) 6.170
at 20掳C
Refractive index nD20 1.3719
Surface tension at 20掳C 27.6 mN/m
Viscosity at 20掳C 1.183 mPa.s
Dissociation constant at 25掳C 4.78 pKa

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Technical Service and Development
January 2003

Exclusion of liability
Information contained in this publication is accurate to the b est of the knowledge BP p.l.c. and its subsidiary companies (鈥淏P鈥?).
Any information or advice obtained from BP otherwise than by means of this publication and whether relating to BP materials or other materials, is also given
in good faith. However, it remains at all times the responsibility of the customer to ensure that BP materials are suitable for the particular purpose intended.
Insofar as materials not manufactured or supplied by BP are used in conjunction with or instead of BP materials, the customer should ensure he has received
from the manufacturer or supplier all technical data and other information relating to such materials.
BP accepts no liability whatsoever (except as otherwise provided by law) arising out of the use of information supplied, t he application, adaptation or
processing of the products described herein, the use of other materials in lieu of BP materials or the use of BP materials in conjunction with such other

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