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Description: AWAKEN is a liquid spray, based on state of the art technology, for use with high speed
burnishing equipment. It restores a high shine and wet look to the floor while removing black heal
marks and scuffs. AWAKEN is also an excellent product for repairing scratches found on the
surface of the floor finish. AWAKEN may be used with any electric or propane burnishers
operating in the range of 1000 RPM to 3000 RPM. It is compatible with all acrylic and urethane
fortified acrylic floor finishes.

鈥? Gives a high gloss without softening the finish
鈥? Cleans as it polishes
鈥? Repairs scratches
鈥? Increases slip resistance
鈥? No mixing is required
鈥? Restores gloss and appearance without finish buildup
鈥? Gives floors the 鈥渨et look鈥?
鈥? May be used on all acrylic and urethane fortified acrylic floor finishes

Specification: Appearance Clear liquid
Color Green
Odor Mild Solvent
1.0 卤 .05
Specific Gravity
Flash Point None
10.4 卤 .2
pH: As is
Use Dilution As is
14% 卤 .3%
13.5% 卤 .5%
Storage Stability Minimum of 1 year in a sealed container
Protective Clothing Rubber Gloves
Coverage 15000-20000 sq. ft./gal

Comments: AWAKEN is a thermally activated formula and is not meant for use
with low speed buffing equipment. For low speed applications,
use Rebound.

Packed: 1.5 gallon plastic container ( 4 per case)

Date: December 5, 1997
This sheet is not an M.S.D.S., nor does it satisfy the
requirements to have one. All information on this
sheet is believed to be accurate, but no warranty is
expressed or implied. The product described hereon
is for use only by trained professional cleaning

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