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                               Material Safety Data Sheet
Revision Issued: 6/23/2000 Supercedes: 6/15/99 First Issued: 4/01/92
Section I - Chemical Product And Company Identification

Product Name: Desert Crete Base
CAS Number: N/A HBCC MSDS No. CD01700

1675 No. Main Street, Orange, California 92867
Telephone No: 714-998-8800 | Outside Calif: 800-821-7234 | Chemtrec: 800-424-9300

Section II - Composition/Information On Ingredients

Exposure Limits (TWAs) in Air
Silicon Dioxide (respirable) 14808-60-7 0.1 mg/m鲁 10 mg/m鲁 N/A
" " (Dust) " " 30 mg/m鲁 "
Portland Cement 65997-15-1 5 mg/m鲁 5 mg/m鲁 N/A

Section III - Hazard Identification
Routes of Exposure: Desert Crete Base can affect the body if it is inhaled, ingested, or
comes in contact with the eyes and skin.
Summary of Acute Health Hazards
Ingestion: N/A
Inhalation: Crystalline silica can cause silicosis, a progressive and frequently
incapacitation pneumoconiosis evident on x-ray and in pulmonary function testing, as
well as in subjective respiratory complaints.
Skin: May cause skin irritation.
Eyes: May be slightly irritating to eyes, hold eyelids open and flush with plenty of water.
If irritation persists, GET MEDICAL ATTENTION.
Summary of Chronic Health Hazards: N/A
Signs and Symptoms of Exposure: Undue breathlessness, wheezing, cough, and sputum
Effects of Overexposure: Crystalline silica can cause silicosis, a progressive and
frequently incapacitating pneumoconiosis evident on x-ray and in pulmonary function
testing, as well as in subjective respiratory complaints.
Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure: Pulmonary function may be
reduced by inhalation of respirable crystalline silica. Also lung scarring produced by such
inhalation may lead to a progressive massive fibrosis of the lung which may aggravate
other pulmonary conditions and diseases and which increases susceptibility to pulmonary

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tuberculosis. Progressive massive fibrosis may be accompanied by right heart
enlargement, heart failure, and pulmonary failure. Smoking aggravates the effects of
Note to Physicians: N/A
Section IV - First Aid Measures
Ingestion: N/A
Inhalation: Remove victim to fresh air and administer artificial respiration if required.
Skin: Flush skin with plenty of water. If rash develops, get medical attention.
Eyes: Immediately flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. GET MEDICAL
ATTENTION, if discomfort persists.
Section V - Fire Fighting Measures
Flash Point: N/A Autoignition Temperature: N/A
Lower Explosive Limit: N/A Upper Explosive Limit: N/A
Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: N/A
Extinguishing Media: N/A
Special Firefighting Procedures: N/A
Section VI - Accidental Release Measures
Use dustless methods (vacuum) and place into closable container for disposal, or flush
with water. Do not dry sweep. Wear protective equipment.
Section VII - Handling and Storage
Wear thick working gloves and safety glasses. Persons not wearing protective equipment
as noted in Section IX should be restricted from areas with spills or dust accumulation.
Use waste containers suitable for transportation. Avoid breakage of bagged material or
spills of bulk materials.
Other Precautions: Keep from freezing, material may coagulate, minimum storage
temperature is 34掳F, maximum is 120掳F.
Section VIII - Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
Respiratory Protection: N/A
Ventilation: Local is preferable, but mechanical is acceptable.
Protective Clothing: Protective gloves are advisable, and goggles or a face shield should
be used.
Other Protective Clothing or Equipment: N/A
Work/Hygienic Practices: Employees who handle Desert Crete Base should wash their
hands thoroughly before eating, drinking, smoking, or using toilet facilities.
Section IX - Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical State: Solid pH: 12.5 in water
Melting Point/Range: N/A Boiling Point/Range: N/A

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Appearance/Color/Odor: Gray or white odorless powder
Solubility in Water: Slight Vapor Pressure(mmHg): N/A
Specific Gravity(Water=1): 2.80 in mixture Molecular Weight: N/A
Vapor Density(Air=1): N/A % Volatiles: N/A
How to detect this compound : N/A
Section X - Stability and Reactivity
Hazardous Polymerization: Will not
Stability: Stable
Conditions to Avoid: Water: will harden
Materials to Avoid: N/A
Hazardous Decomposition Products: N/A
Section XI - Toxicological Information
Section XII - Ecological Information
Section XIII - Disposal Considerations
May be disposed of in a unrestricted sanitary landfill. Disposal must be done in
accordance with Local, State, and Federal regulations.
Section XIV - Transport Information
DOT Proper Shipping Name: Paint related material
DOT Hazard Class/ I.D. No.: 3, UN1263, II
Section XV - Regulatory Information
This product contains crystalline silica, a chemical known to the State of California to
cause cancer.
Reportable Quantity: N/A
NFPA Rating: Health - 2; Fire - 0; Reactivity - 0
0=Insignificant 1=Slight 2=Moderate 3=High 4=Extreme
Carcinogenicity Lists: NTP: No IARC Monograph: No OSHA Regulated: No
Section XVI - Other Information
Synonyms/Common Names: N/A
Chemical Family/Type: Silica, Quartz, Portland Cement Mixture
Respiratory protection for crystalline silica minimum respiratory protection Particulate
5 x PEL or less: Any dust respirator.
10 x PEL or less: Any dust respirator, except single-use or quarter-mask respirator. OR
Any dust respirator, except single-use or quarter-mask respirator. OR Any supplied-air
respirator. OR Any self-contained breathing apparatus.

Desert Crete Base 3 of 4
50 x PEL of less: A high efficiency particulate filter respirator with a full facepiece. OR
Any supplied-air respirator with a full facepiece, helmet, or hood. OR Any self-contained
breathing apparatus with a full facepiece.
500 x PEL or less: A powered air-purifying respirator with a high efficiency particulate
filter. OR A Type C supplied- air respirator operated in pressure-demand or other positive
pressure or continuous-flow mode. Greater than
500 x PEL or entry and escape from unknown concentrations: Self-contained
breathing apparatus with a full facepiece operated in pressure-demand or other positive
pressure mode. OR A combination respirator which includes a Type C supplied-air
respirator with a full facepiece operated in pressure-demand or other positive pressure
continuous-flow mode and an auxiliary self-contained breathing apparatus operated in
pressure-demand or other positive pressure mode.
Abrasive Blasting: Any Type CE, supplied-air respirator with a full facepiece, hood, or
helmet, operated in a positive-pressure mode. Only NIOSH-approved or MSHA-
approved equipment should be used.
Section changed since last revision: XIV
IMPORTANT! Read this MSDS before use or disposal of this product. Pass along the
information to employees and any other persons who could be exposed to the product to
be sure that they are aware of the information before use or other exposure. This MSDS
has been prepared according to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard [29 CFR
1910.1200]. The MSDS information is based on sources believed to be reliable.
However, since data, safety standards, and government regulations are subject to change
and the conditions of handling and use, or misuse are beyond our control, Hill Brothers
Chemical Company makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, with respect to the
completeness or continuing accuracy of the information contained herein and disclaims
all liability for reliance thereon. Also, additional information may be necessary or helpful
for specific conditions and circumstances of use. It is the user's responsibility to
determine the suitability of this product and to evaluate risks prior to use, and then to
exercise appropriate precautions for protection of employees and others.

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