MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet


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May be used to comply with U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard, Occupational Safety and Health Administration
29 CFR 1910.1200 (Compiled According to 29 CFR 1910.1200)

Identity: M-Pro 7 Military Grade CLP
Chemical Family: Synthetic Oil

SECTION 1 Manufacturer鈥檚 Name
Technology by: Pantheon Chemical Distributed by: Bushnell Outdoor Products
225 West Deer Valley Road #4 9200 Cody
Phoenix, Arizona 85027-2108 Overland Park, KS 66214
Telephone (623) 780-2296 Telephone (913) 752-3400
FAX (623) 516-0414 FAX (913) 752-6112
Toll Free: 888-824-2918

SECTION 2 Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information

Health 0
Flammability 1
Reactivity 0
Contact Hazards 0

Polyalpha-olefin 66070-54-0 >90%
Diester 16958-92-2 > 5%
Proprietary Additive > 5%

SECTION 3 Physical Data/Chemical Characteristics
Vapor Pressure: N.D.
Vapor Density: N.D.
Specific Gravity: 0.83 /water =1
Solubility in Water: Insoluble
Appearance: Clear amber liquid.
Odor: Light bland petroleum
Biodegradability: Readily biodegradable
% Volatiles: NIL
Evaporation Rate: ND
pH: ND
Pour Point: -85掳F (-65掳C)
Corrosive: No
HAP: 0.0 %

SECTION 4 Fire Explosion Hazard Data
Lower Explosive Limit: Not determined
Upper Explosive Limit: Not determined
Flash Point: >482掳 F (250掳 C)
Auto Ignition >650掳 F (343掳 C)
Extinguishing Media: CO2, Dry chemical, Water Fog, Water Spray and Foam.
Fire and Explosion Hazards: None
Fire Fighting Instructions: Wear self-contained breathing apparatus with a full-face piece.

SECTION 5 Reactivity Data
Stability: Stable
Incompatible Materials: Oxidizing agents
Thermal Decomposition: Oxides of carbon.
Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur.
SECTION 6 Health Hazards and First Aid
*****Emergency Overview***** Not expected to cause a severe emergency hazard.
Potential Health Effects
Eyes: Tests on similar materials suggest that no eye effect may be expected.
Skin: Tests on similar materials indicated that no significant adverse effects are expected. Practically non-toxic.
Oral Toxicity: Greater than 5000mg/kg in rats.
Inhalation: Not likely to occur except as a mist. Remove patient to fresh air and consult a physician.

This material does not contain any chemical listed as a carcinogen or potential carcinogen by OSHA, IARC Monographs or National
Toxilogical Program. This product does not require a cancer hazard warning in accordance with the OSHA Hazard Communication

SECTION 7 Precautions for Safe Handling and Use
Spill Procedures: Prevent entry into sewers and waterways. Pick up free liquid for
Absorb small amounts of inert material for disposal.
Waste Disposal: If disposed of, this material is believed to be non-hazardous. Disposal should
be in compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations.

SECTION 8 Control Measures
Respiratory: None
Ventilation: None
Eyes: Wear protective goggles.

SECTION 9 Transportation Information
DOT Proper Shipping Name: Not regulated by DOT
DOT ID Number: None
EPA Hazardous Substances: None
Precautionary Labels: None
DOT Hazardous Class N/A (Class 65 Cargo, Non-Hazardous)
IMO Class: None
ICAO Class: None

SECTION 9 Regulatory Information
SARA 302 Threshold Planning Quantity: N/A
SARA 304 Reportable QUANTITIES: N/A
SARA 311 Categories: Immediate (Acute) Health Effects - N
Delayed (Chronic) Health Effects - N
Fire Hazard - N
Sudden Release of Pressure Hazard 鈥? N
Reactivity Hazard 鈥? N
EPA/TSCA Inventory: The components of this product are listed on the EPA/TSCA
inventory of chemicals.
EPA Hazard Classification Code: N/A
CERCLA: No chemicals in this product are subject to the reporting
requirements of CERCLA.
SARA Title III 鈥? Section 313 Supplier Notification: No chemicals in this product exceed the De Minimus
Reporting Level establishes by SARA Title III, Section 313
and 40 CFR 372.
WHMIS Classification: Not controlled.

The information presented herein has been compiled from sources considered to be dependable and is accurate to the best of
Pantheon Chemical, Inc.鈥檚 knowledge; however, Pantheon Chemical, Inc. makes no warranty whatsoever, expressed or implied, of
MERCHANTIBILITY or FITNESS FOR THE PARTICULAR PURPOSE, regarding the accuracy of such data or the results to be obtained
from the use thereof. Pantheon Chemical, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the injury to recipient or to third persons or for any
damage to any property and recipient assumes all such risks.

M-Pro 7 Military Grade CLP Jan-06

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