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                                    Media Destruction Program

What is this program?
Both analog and digital data storage media, along with film often contain intellectual property, classified
material, sensitive information, and personal identity data that need protection from theft and misuse.
Kodak鈥檚 Graphic Communications Group (Kodak GCG) is proud to introduce an environmentally
responsible and secure media destruction and recycling program for many types of data storage media
including hard drives, tapes, tape cartridges, CD鈥檚, DVD鈥檚, zip disks and floppy disks in the US and Canada.
We do not require you to separate or otherwise prepare your end-of-life data storage media and
Certificates of Destruction can be provided upon request.

What are the benefits of this program?
By participating in the secure Media Destruction and Recycling Program, you will
鈥? Conserve precious natural resources
鈥? Ensure compliance with environmental regulations
鈥? Help the environment by reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills
鈥? Protect your intellectual property and classified material
鈥? Prevent theft and misuse of sensitive information
鈥? Protect your company image & reduce your liability

What can I return?
This program is available to all Kodak GCG customers who need secure environmentally sound destruction
and recycling of all data storage media such as:
鈥? Hard drives
鈥? Film 16mm or Fiche
鈥? Tapes
鈥? Tape cartridges
鈥? CDs
鈥? DVDs
鈥? Zip disks
鈥? Floppy disks

Eastman Kodak Company Graphic Communications Group Health, Safety & Environment
Kodak GCG Support Services: (800) 52KODAK

Publisher: Pradip Gopal Author: Teal Gaultney Publication#: 520 Date: 3/30/07 1
Media Destruction Program

Is my intellectual property & information protected?
This program offers 100% protection for your intellectual property, sensitive information and
classified information. Certificates of destruction can be supplied upon request.

What is the cost of the program?
Please contact Kodak GCG Support Services Hotline at 1-800-52KODAK to receive a cost
quote from one of our professional Regional Technical Coordinators specific to your needs. The
cost for this program is determined through an analysis of media type, the amount of media and
possible shipping costs.

How Do I Participate in This Program?
This program is available to customers in the US and Canada. To participate, simply call the
Kodak GCG Support Services Hotline at 1-800-52KODAK. One of our professional Regional
Technical Coordinators will contact you and process your request promptly and keep you
informed on the status.

More Information:
This service is part of Kodak鈥檚 Printer鈥檚 EnviroServices Program (PEP). Helping customers with
environmental concerns and compliance is a major commitment of Kodak. PEP consists of a
comprehensive range of environmental and safety products and services specially designed to
allow Kodak GCG customers to meet their environmental, safety, and health objectives in a
cost-effective manner. For more information, please contact the Kodak GCG Support Services
Hotline at 1-800-52KODAK.

Kodak Service & Support

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Eastman Kodak Company Graphic Communications Group Health, Safety & Environment
Kodak GCG Support Services: (800) 52KODAK

Publisher: Pradip Gopal Author: Teal Gaultney Publication#: 520 Date: 3/30/07 2

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