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                                  Printing Waste Disposal Program

What is this program?

PEP Waste Disposal Program services makes the printing waste disposal process simple, economical, and
worry free. Through our joint partnership with Safety-Kleen, you can obtain a complete range of waste
disposal services to meet your needs at a deeply discounted rate.

What are the benefits of participating in this program?

鈥? Deep discounts with Safety-Kleen by being a Kodak customer.

鈥? Peace of mind. Safety-Kleen is a reputable company that is well insured and fully capable of properly
disposing of printing wastes.

鈥? Certificate of assurance and indemnification. This assures that waste removed from your facility will
be disposed of in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.

鈥? Prompt service-usually 3 business days.

How do I participate in this program?

鈥? Call the EnviroServices Hotline at (877) 574-7274 to make a request for service, or email your request

鈥? Provide your name, company name, address, email, and phone and fax #'s, and the services needed.

Eastman Kodak Company Graphic Communications Group Health, Safety & Environment
EnviroServices Hotline: +1.877.574.7274 (US and Canada) or +1.770.232.2133 (Int鈥檒) Email:

Publisher: Pradip Gopal Author: Teal Gaultney Publication #: 016 Date: 3/29/07 1
Printing Waste Disposal Program

鈥? We will provide your waste disposal service request to Safety-Kleen, which enables you to receive the
special Kodak customer premium discount.

鈥? Safety-Kleen will arrange to pick up your waste with you directly and bill you.

What is the disposal cost?
Kodak has negotiated premium preferred pricing for Kodak customers wanting to dispose printing wastes
with Safety-Kleen by leveraging volume through a national program. Customers will be quoted a price by
Safety-Kleen after the request for disposal is made. Once the customer agrees to the service and price,
Safety-Kleen will be directly responsible for arranging the shipment of the waste from your location,
disposal and billing with you.

More Information
This service is part of Kodak鈥檚 Printer鈥檚 EnviroServices Program (PEP). Helping customers with
environmental concerns and compliance is a major commitment of Kodak. PEP consists of a
comprehensive range of environmental and safety products and services specially designed to allow Kodak
GCG customers to meet their environmental, safety, and health objectives in a cost-effective manner. For
more information, please contact the Kodak EnviroServices Hotline at (877) 574-7274 or

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability
Some services to be provided under this offer are to be performed solely by independent vendors from whom Kodak鈥檚 Graphic Communications
Group does not receive fees. There are no warranties, express or implied, in connection with the provision of this service, including but not limited
to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The user shall determine the suitability of these services for the
intended use, and the user assumes all risk and liability if these services are not fit for the particular purpose intended. Kodak shall not have any
obligation or liability to any user or other third party arising out of any services performed by an independent vendor, pursuant to this offer. The
user shall indemnify, defend and hold Kodak harmless from and against any and all claims, costs and liabilities arising directly or indirectly from the
user's use of these services. The services offered in this brochure are subject to change and/or discontinuance without notice.

漏 Kodak, 2007. All trademarks and registered trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

Eastman Kodak Company Graphic Communications Group Health, Safety & Environment
EnviroServices Hotline: +1.877.574.7274 (US and Canada) or +1.770.232.2133 (Int鈥檒) Email:

Publisher: Pradip Gopal Author: Teal Gaultney Publication #: 016 Date: 3/29/07 2
Printing Waste Disposal Program

Fax Request Form

To: PEP Waste Disposal Program From:
Fax: 770.232.2150 Company:
Date: Fax:

Customer and Disposal Information

Kodak Sales Rep:








Approximate Amount in Gallons or Lbs. of Waste to be Disposed:
Hazardous Container
Hazardous Container
Non-hazardous Container
Non-hazardous Container
Unknown Container
Unknown Container

Date Waste will be Ready for Pick-up:
Type of Waste (check): Hazardous Non-hazardous

Eastman Kodak Company Graphic Communications Group Health, Safety & Environment
EnviroServices Hotline: +1.877.574.7274 (US and Canada) or +1.770.232.2133 (Int鈥檒) Email:

Publisher: Pradip Gopal Author: Teal Gaultney Publication #: 016 Date: 3/29/07 3
Printing Waste Disposal Program

Other Instructions:

By signing this form, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the 鈥楧isclaimer of Warranties and
Limitation of Liability鈥? section of the Aluminum Recycling Program brochure. I am authorized to act on behalf
of my company and certify that all the information provided above is accurate.

Eastman Kodak Company Graphic Communications Group Health, Safety & Environment
EnviroServices Hotline: +1.877.574.7274 (US and Canada) or +1.770.232.2133 (Int鈥檒) Email:

Publisher: Pradip Gopal Author: Teal Gaultney Publication #: 016 Date: 3/29/07 4

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