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                                                                                           CASE STUDY #5

p a s s e s p ro b a t i o n t e s t

directly by 600 North
American manufacturers
and suppliers. 鈥淲e require
a current MSDS for every-
thing we purchase so this
database is very useful,鈥?
adds Dave.

Produced by CCOHS鈥?
occupational health and
safety specialists, CHEM-
INFO is acknowledged
internationally as one of the most comprehensive
Saskatoon, SK.: Try it鈥ou鈥檒l like it. That was the
and up-to-date chemical safety resources available
case for Correctional Service Canada (CSC) when they
anywhere. 鈥淚f we need to locate WHMIS classifications
requested a free trial period of the workplace chemical
for chemicals, we use CHEMINFO. It鈥檚 an excellent
companions MSDS Plus CHEMINFO from CCOHS. Their
guide for detailing safe handling and storage proce-
verdict was immediate and unanimous.
dures.鈥? CCOHS鈥? detailed evaluated summaries on
industrial chemicals are particularly useful to subscribers.
鈥淲ithin days we were convinced that
Regular Updates
the MSDS database was a valuable
With more than 60,000 MSDSs changing in the
resource for our organization,鈥? explains database each quarter, subscribers to MSDS Plus
Dave Castle, Senior Project Manager, Institutional CHEMINFO always have the most recent information
Services, at CSC Regional Headquarters in Saskatoon. at their fingertips. Subscribers choose to access
The trial period was still underway when Dave decided monthly updates or receive an updated CD-ROM
to subscribe to the program and upgrade from ten to 20 every three months. Their subscription also includes
licensed users of MSDS Plus CHEMINFO. For a nominal monthly database change reports, and free, unlimited
charge, he added the FTSS database which is a separate technical product support and a quarterly users鈥?
collection of 54,000 French-language material safety newsletter, LIAISON. Every year, expert OH&S staff at
data sheets. CCOHS also answer thousands of questions from
Canadians on workplace health and safety concerns.
鈥淲e have safety officers and people in the field
responsible for materials management handling, food FREE Trial Offers
services, and hazardous goods in our 14 institutions MSDS Plus CHEMINFO is one of many valuable programs
and 8 community institutes across the Prairie region. and services offered by the Canadian Centre for
With Web access to MSDS Plus CHEMINFO, everyone Occupational Health and Safety. A free trial period for
can retrieve timely and valuable information right from all CCOHS products is available on the Web for seven
their computer.鈥? days or on CD-ROM for 30 days. To order or for more
information, please call CCOHS at 1-800-668-4284 or
Comprehensive Database 1-905-570-8094 or visit
MSDS provides essential information on health
hazards, fire and reactivity, storage and handling,
spill and disposal procedures as well as chemical and
physical properties. The database contains more than
170,000 current Material Safety Data Sheets provided

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