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                                                                                          CASE STUDY #6

C a n a d i a n e n v i ro O S H L e g i s l a t i o n k e e p s l e a d i n g
n e w s p r i n t m a n u f a c t u re r i n c o m p l i a n c e

Full text of standards
The complete text of all documents enables Guy
and his colleagues to determine the context of the
information and how it applies to their situation.
They can download sections for compliance manuals
and reports, and can click and go to the full text of
related standards refer-
enced in the legislation.

Hundreds of organizations
like Abitibi Consolidated
rely on Canadian
Montreal, PQ.: He may work in the pulp and paper
enviroOSH Legislation to
industry, but Guy Tremblay prefers not to have stacks
remain informed and in
of documents and binders in his office. Today, the Forest
compliance with Canadian
Certification Coordinator at Abitibi Consolidated Inc. in
federal, provincial, and
Montreal keeps on top of all his compliance requirements
territorial regulations.
with the Canadian enviroOSH Legislation Plus Standards
Subscribers have access to over 3,000 documents
service from CCOHS.
including environmental legislation and referenced
CSA and CGSB standards, complete with illustrations,
Wide scope and quality
charts and high resolution graphics.
With a simple mouse click, Guy can access the complete
text of Canadian health, safety and environmental
legislation, as well as critical guidelines and codes of
With the Canadian enviroOSH Legislation Plus
practice. 鈥淚 am very pleased with the comprehensiveness
Standards service, licensed users always have the
and quality of the Canadian enviroOSH Legislation
most recent information at their fingertips. Subscribers
Plus Standards service,鈥? says Guy, who coordinates
choose to receive either a weekly update on the
woodlands certification for Canada. Abitibi Consolidated
internet or an updated CD-ROM every three months,
is the world鈥檚 leading newsprint manufacturer.
and a monthly legislation update e-mail. There is also
free, unlimited technical support and a quarterly users鈥?
鈥淲ith operations in British Columbia, newsletter, LIAISON, which is sent to all subscribers.
Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland, I
Canadian enviroOSH Legislation Plus Standards is one
need to refer to federal and provincial
of many valuable programs and services offered by the
documents and environmental legis- Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.
A free trial period for all CCOHS products is available
lation for specific regions in Canada,
on the Web for seven days or on CD-ROM for 30
which I can now do quickly and easily. days. To order or for more information, please call
CCOHS at 1-800-668-4284 or 1-905-570-8094 or
And instead of managing paper files,
everything is available on my computer.
Searching is faster and information is
current and complete.鈥?

ALL Chemical Property And Toxicity Analysis PAGES IN THIS GROUP
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