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Traffic Grade Polyurethane Construction Sealant
Typical properties after seven days cure at 25潞C and 50% RH.
Seal鈥楴鈥橣lex Trafficable is a high performance two component,
gun grade or semi-pourable grade trafficable construction grade
polyurethane sealant. Appearance Semi-pourable thixotropic paste
(gun grade)
Two component gun grade or semi-pourable grade construction Stain & Colour None
sealant capable at accepting foot and vehicle traffic, with excellent Changes
joint movement capability. Chemical Type Two component polyurethane
Chemical Excellent
鈥? Sealing constructions expansion joints. Shore A Hardness 35 Approx
鈥? For horizontal applications. 158 N/ cm2
Tensile Strength
鈥? Accepting vehicle and foot traffic. (Elongation
鈥? Sealing joints in pre-cast concrete panels. Modulus 100%)
鈥? Sealing expansion, control and perimeter joints in parking Service -40潞C to 70潞C
pavements, driveways and factory floor. Temperature
鈥? Interior and exterior use. Application +5潞C to +35潞C
鈥? For sealing joints in airport runways, resistant to aviation fuel. Temperature
鈥? Fuel storage areas, service stations Tool Working Approx. 120 min at 20潞C
FEATURES & BENEFITS Max. Joint 卤25% (Total 50%)
鈥? Resistant to bacteriological attack. Movement
鈥? Abrasion resistant
Max. Joint Width 50mm
鈥? Excellent adhesion to primed substrates
131 N/cm2
鈥? Accepts foot and vehicle traffic heavy duty
Modulus at
鈥? High movement accommodation factor
鈥? Paintable
121 N/cm2
Adhesion to Peel
鈥? Australian made
Colour Grey, Limestone
鈥? Excellent resistance to weathering
Full Cure 7 days at 25潞C
鈥? Chemical cure provides faster cure in wide joints.
Chemical Resistant to dilute acids and alkalis,
Resistance Jet fuel, diesel, petrol, oils and some

Conforms to AS 1527, ASTM D412, ASTM C719, ASTM
C793, ASTM D2240, ASTM D 4124, SS-S200D

Seal 鈥橬鈥? Flex Trafficable is available in 6 litre kit

The approximate linear metre sealant consumption per 6 litre unit can To facilitate proper mixing in cold water, it is recommended that
estimated form the following recommended joint depth/width ratio Seal 鈥橬鈥? Flex Trafficable be stored for at least 12 hours at
table. (Metal container containing Part A and Part B) approximately 20潞C prior to mixing. Thorough even mixing is
essential to ensure proper cure. Mix only entire units to ensure
Joint Width (mm)
Joint Depth correct proportions. During mixing ensure entire contents are
(mm) 6 10 12 15 20 25 30 fully mixed. Paying particular attention to the sides and bottom of
the tin. Avoid air entrapment caused by fringing the blade too
166 100 83
close to the surface. R emove part B sachet and gloves from
10 60 50 40 30
plastic bag covering Part A component inside can. After putting
12 42 33 25 20
on gloves the plastic bag can be easily removed by pinching the
15 26 20 16 14
bottom of the bag and turning it inside out. Hold part B sachet
Calculation formula W x D x L = Litres
upright and cut off a corner with scissors. Empty all contents into
the centre of the Part A component. This is best achieved by
W = Width(mm) D = Depth(mm) L= Length(metres)
squeezing out the majority of the Part B by hand. Then fold the
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS sachet leaving the cut section at the top free to allow the
Joint width should be wide enough to accommodate remaining contents to be forced out by trapping the bottom of the
expansion/contraction requirments. The joint depth must allow a sachet between the hand and edge of the can.
sealant depth, after installation of bond breaker/backing rod material, Pull the sachet through under firm pressure by the hand to force
of a minimum of 6mm. Lap shear joints should have a bead width the remaining contents into the can. Add full contents of the
equal to, or greater than twice the anticipated movement. A required colour pack to the centre of the can. Using a low speed
conservative design practice, which uses a por tion of the sealant's drill (300-500rpm) fitted with a flat, horizontal bladed mixing
movement capability as a safety factor is recommended. Sealants paddle (Bostik item No: 149802) mix the contents for 5 minutes
are subject to cohesive failure when the actual movement is greater whilst holding the tin firmly and paying particular attention to the
than their rated capability. For all applications requiring a high degree sides and bottom of the can. Scrape the sides of the can during
of dynamic movement the designed joint width should be at least mixing to avoid leaving unmixed part A on the sides of the can.
four times the total anticipated joint movement. Avoid mixing air into the sealant by not fringing the paddle blade
too close to the surface. Do not overmix or undermix, time the
JOINT PREPARATION mixing procedure accurately.
Ensure that joint dimensions are as specified and that anticipated joint Avoiding mixing air into sealant. DO NOT OVER MIX.
movement is within the capability of the movement accommodation
Factor of Seal 鈥橬鈥? Flex Trafficable. Concrete should have been allowed PLACING
to cure at least 28 days. Loading Barrel Caulking-Gun (after mixing)
Remove all dirt, dust, laitence and loose materials by vigorous wire Ensure that the surface of the sealant is reasonably concave to
brushing. Remove all rust scale and protective coating from metal prevent air pockets. Place the Bostik Follower Plate (item no.
surfaces and clean off any oil or grease using Bostik Solvent cleaner 150878) on top of the sealant in the tin and load by direct filling of a
9907. Joint faces must be sound, flat and free of surface irregularities Bostik Bulk Barrel Gun (item no. 186376)
and completely dry, clean and frost free. Any joint faces which do not Install backer rod into the joints. Apply Seal鈥橬鈥橣lex Trafficable
meet these requirements may require forming of a fresh joint surface sealant in continuous operation using a positive pressure adequate
by saw cutting or refacing with a suitable epoxy or cementitious to properly fill and seal the joint. Tool Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable sealant
mortar. For a particularly neat finish, cover the face edges of the joint with adequate pressure to spread the sealant against the back-up
with masking tape before priming. Prime joint as detailed below, material onto the joint surfaces. A tool with a convex profile is
inserting bond breaker or Bostik Backer Rod material when recommended to keep the sealant within the joint.
appropriate. This prevents undesirable three sided adhesion. Excess sealant should be dry-wiped from all surfaces while still
uncured, following with Bostik solvent (cleaner 9907). Cured
PRIMING excess
Primer must be used with Bostik Seal 鈥橬鈥? Flex two part traffic grade sealant can be removed by abrasive or mechanical means.
sealants. Bostik N49 primer for masonry or porous substrates such as
masonry or Bostik Moisture Seal for damp substrates. Bostik N40 for CURED SEALANT IS USUALLY VERY DIFFICULT TO REMOVE
aluminium, steel and non porous building materials. Joints must be WITHOUT ALTERING OR DAMAGING THE SURFACE TO WHICH
thoroughly dry before applying primer and sealant. If sealant is to be THE SEALANT HAS BEEN INCORRECTLY APPLIED.
applied to a material with specially treated surfaces or par ticularly
unusual surface characteristics, consult Bostik for primer On completion of application of Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable in joint,
recommendations. remove masking tape before initial set, generally as soon as
Prior to any use, however it is always recommended that a bead of possiable after final tooling.
sealant be applied on the surface to test adhesion. See Pretested
Adhesion to Substrate Program. Allow Bostik N40 and N49 Primers a
minimum of 30 minutes to dry prior to the application of sealant.
Primed areas not sealed within 8 hours should be re-prepared and

鈥? May be used for joints subject to occasional Immersion provided 鈥? On contact, uncured sealant causes irritation. Gloves and
Seal N Flex Trafficable has achieved full cure (7days at 20潞C) prior protective goggles must be worn during application and use.
to immersion. 鈥? Avoid contact with skin, eyes and avoid breathing in vapour.
鈥? Bostik priming is recommended on all surfaces prior to 鈥? Wear protective gloves when mixing or using
application of Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable. 鈥? If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information
(Refer to primer selection chart) Centre.
鈥? Do not apply Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable to any material containing 鈥? If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water.
bitumen. Do not allow bitumen to contact Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable 鈥? If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash
鈥? On marble/natural stone or surfaces with special protective or skin thoroughly for a minimum of 15 minutes and see a doctor.
cosmetic coating without prior testing or consultation with Bostik 鈥? For more detailed information refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.
Technical Services, as priming requirements may cause staining.
鈥? In totally confined or air free spaces. CLEAN-UP
鈥? Cure rate of sealant will be inhibited when air or substrate surface Clean up uncured material and equipment immediately after using
temperature is below 5潞C Bostik 9907 solvent. Do not use solvents on skin. For removal on skin,
鈥? Bostik Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable sealant should not be applied with uncured sealant can be removed with Bostik Handi-Clean Towels.
wet tooling techniques; using solvents, water or detergent/soap Cured Seal鈥楴鈥橣lex Trafficable is difficult to remove via chemical means
solutions is not recommended. and mechanical means may be necessary.
鈥? Bostik Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable sealant should not be applied to
surfaces with special protective or cosmetic coatings without STORAGE
prior consultation with the manufacturer. Such surfaces include, Store between 5潞C and 30潞C. Shelf life is twelve months in original
but are not limited to, mirrors, reflective glass, or surfaces coated unopened container.
with Teflon polyurethane or polypropylene.
鈥? Bostik Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable cures by chemical means. The FIRE
activator system used can be affected by water before or during Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable is non flammable.
cure. The sealant should not be stored, applied or cure in areas
where unusually high humidity or free water are present during the ITEM NO STOCK SIZE COLOUR
application or initial cure. BOSTIK SEAL 鈥楴鈥? FLEX TRAFFICABLE
鈥? Bostik Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable sealant should not be used in 182656 6 litre kit white Gun Grade White
highly chlorinated areas such as swimming pools, spas etc.
without prior consultation with Bostik Technical Services.
157481 Sachet Grey
鈥? Bostik Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex Trafficable sealant should be allowed to fully
157503 Sachet Limestone
cure prior to subjecting to an intermittent or continuous head
of water.
231436 Bostik 40 Primer 1L Clear
鈥? For moist/damp substrates Bostik Moisture Seal should be used
prior to application of Seal 鈥楴鈥? Flex trafficable. BOSTIK N49 PRIMER
151203 Bostik N49 Primer 1L Clear
159565 Bostik N49 Primer 4L Clear
Bostik Seal 'N' Flex can be painted after fully curing by most 229504 Bostik Bond Flex Primer 500ml Clear
conventional coating systems including epoxy resins. Coatings BOSTIK 5077 CLEANER
containing high solvent contents such as gloss enamels or high
227935 Bostik 5077 Cleaner 1L Clear
oil based undercoats may cause the surface of the sealant to react
creating a tacky surface to develop. A field test is recommended to
263362 8 litre kit (10.25 kgs) Grey
ensure compatibility. To obtain best appearance and performance
263370 20 litre kit (25.6 kgs) Grey
the paint must approximate the elongation capabilities of the sealant.
Thin or watered down coatings will surface craze very quickly upon
257753 72 Towels per pack/6 packs per carton
sealants movement. High build coatings with some elastomeric
ability such as quality acrylic emulsions have the capability to
absorb low movement without significant distortion of the paint film. 149802 Mixing Paddle
Please contact Bostik Findley Technical Department if unsure of any FOLLOWER PLATE
paint system. 150878 Follower Plate for 6 litre tin
P.A.T.S (Pretested Adhesion To Substrate) Programme 222143 37cm Dispensing Gun
Bostik offer a service in which a program has been established to
eliminate potential field problems by pre-testing Bostik adhesives with
* colour pack compatible with either goods of Seal N Flex Trafficable.
samples of building materials to which the adhesive will be applied.
1 colour pack per kit.
This service is available on large projects where pre-application testing
will aid in determining the proper surface preparation method to
achieve optimum adhesion. Consult a Bostik representative for further

Product: Seal N Flex Trafficable
Issue Date: October 2001
Issue No: 1
Division: Construction
Total Pages: 4

The representations and recommendations regarding the products are based on tests which we believe to be reliable. However, no guarantee of their accuracy can be made
because of the great range of field conditions and variations encountered in raw materials, manufacturing equipment and methods. Thus, the products are sold with a limited
warranty only, and on the condition that purchasers will make their own tests to determine the suitability of the product for their particular purposes. Under no circumstances
will Bostik Findley Australia be liable to anyone except for replacement of the products or refund of the purchase price.

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