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Ultragrip is a high performance one component, acr ylic, Ultragrip is available in 850gm sausages and 5.2 kg pails.
plasterboard and stud adhesive.
DESCRIPTION 1 litre will cover 1 square metre at 1mm thickness.
Ultragrip is a specially formulated non-toxic high strength acrylic
stud adhesive designed to minimize nail and screw "popping" APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS
caused by timber shrinkage or frame movement if applied in Surface Preparation:
accordance with AS 2589-1983. All surfaces must be clean, free of dir t, dust and laitence and loose
Ultragrip reduces the quantities of nails and screws required to fix
plasterboard, therefore reducing the fastener head stopping and All surfaces to be treated must be structurally sound and all previous
finishing requirements. coatings and adhesion removed prior to application of Ultragrip.

RECOMMENDED USES All surfaces must be dry and free from moisture.
鈥? To fix plasterboard to steel or timber studs and frames
(in conjunction with nails and screws) Ultragrip Stud Adhesive must be used in conjunction with nails or
鈥? Filling irregular gaps between plasterboard and frame screws and is not a single plasterboard sheet fixing system.
鈥? Bonding timber floors to timber
鈥? Bonding timber to concrete or metal joints To dispense Ultragrip sausage, simply hold sausage upright and cut the
鈥? Bonding chipboard, plywood, masonite and Hardie-Flex top off the foil below the metal clip. Place sausage into 37cm barrel
sheeting to joints or solid floors/ walls gun then screw on end cap with nozzle.

FEATURES & BENEFITS With controlled gun trigger pressure, apply Ultragrip to wall studs and
鈥? Suitable for timber and metal frames ceiling joists or battens in daubs 15mm to 25mm high.
鈥? High bond strength
鈥? Water-based non-toxic Apply Ultragrip to walls in controlled daubs at 230mm centres and a
鈥? Non slump minimum of 200mm from fixing points from the edge of the board.
鈥? Suitable for vertical, horizontal and overhead applications Ensure full contact between the sheets and Ultragrip until adhesive
鈥? Conforms to AS 2753-1985. sets. Ceiling daubs should be 200mm and 400mm from recessed
edge. DO NOT nail or screw through Ultragrip. Walls should be nailed
PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES at 150mm centres, opening at 300mm centres. Ceilings should be
double nailed at centre line of ceiling joists 60mm apart. Nail edge
Colour Pink
sheets at butt joints, around openings and ceiling joists at 150mm
Appearance Non sag paste
centres. Or nail or screw the wall and ceiling sheets in accordance with
Tack free time 15 minutes
board manufacturers instructions. Bostik Ultragrip will dry and gain
Application 5掳C to 35掳C
full strength in 24 hours.
Cure system Water based
1.46 卤 0.02
Specific gravity
Full cure time 24 hours (min. @ 25掳C)
Flammability Non flammable

No mixing is required, simply use directly from sausage or pail. 鈥? On contact, uncured adhesive causes irritation. Gloves and
protective goggles must be worn during application and use.
PRECAUTION 鈥? Avoid contact with skin, eyes and avoid breathing in vapour.
鈥? Wear protective gloves when mixing or using
鈥? Do not freeze or store below 5掳C
鈥? Do not use on moist or wet timber 鈥? If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information
鈥? Do not apply to pre-painted surfaces Centre.
鈥? Not suitable as a tile adhesive 鈥? If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water.
鈥? Internal use only 鈥? If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash
鈥? Do not apply on unseasoned or green timber skin thoroughly for a minimum of 15 minutes and see a doctor.
鈥? Use in conjunction with screws or nails to fix plasterboard. 鈥? For more detailed information refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.

P.A.T.S (Pretested Adhesion To Substrate) Programme CLEAN-UP
Bostik offer a service in which a program has been established to Clean up with water before adhesive cures.
eliminate potential field problems by pre-testing Bostik adhesives
with samples of building materials to which the adhesive will be STORAGE
applied. This service is available on large projects where pre- Store between 5掳C and 27掳C. DO NOT FREEZE
application testing will aid in determining the proper surface Shelf life is 12 months in original unopened container
preparation method to achieve optimum adhesion. Consult a Replace lid tightly when not in use.
Bostik representative for further information.
Ultragrip is non-flammable.

248452 850gm (600ml) sausage Pink
258873 5.2 kg pail Pink

Product: Ultragrip
Issue Date: October 2001
Issue No: 1
Division: Construction
Total Pages: 2

The representations and recommendations regarding the products are based on tests which we believe to be reliable. However, no guarantee of their accuracy can be made
because of the great range of field conditions and variations encountered in raw materials, manufacturing equipment and methods. Thus, the products are sold with a limited
warranty only, and on the condition that purchasers will make their own tests to determine the suitability of the product for their particular purposes. Under no circumstances
will Bostik Findley Australia be liable to anyone except for replacement of the products or refund of the purchase price.

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