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Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane Range
Bostik Ultraseal provides a range of superior one
component, flexible, polyurethane waterproofing membrane PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES
(Not to be used for specification purposes)
Typical properties after seven days cure at 25潞C and 50%RH
Bostik Ultraseal polyurethane waterproofing membranes are Colours Sandstone 鈥? Grey
specifically formulated for applications where tile over or Smooth trowel, brushing or roller
other following trade cover is intended in internal and Appearance consistencies
external wet area applications. Curing tough and elastic, Tack-Free Time Approx. 4hrs at 25掳C and 50% RH
these high performance, flexible membranes are supplied in
Cure System Moisture cure polyurethane
trowel/brush, roller and low viscosity grades.
Specific Gravity 1.23 Approx.
Full Cure 7 Days at 25掳C and 50% RH
Flammability Non-flammable
鈥? As a sandwich membrane between shower recess base
Following trades 24 hrs minimum @ 25掳C & 50% RH
and mortar bed.
鈥? Waterproofing external balconies, podium levels, internal
wet area kitchen, toilet and bathroom floors and walls prior
(COLOUR SANDSTONE) - 600ml sausages.
to the application of surface wearing toppings.
The sausage packaging is designed for extrusion by
鈥? Suitable for concrete slabs, cement rendered concrete,
37cm barrel gun direct to the work area or by cutting
masonry, fibre reinforced cement sheeting, water resistant
behind the metal sealing clip at one end and extruding
plasterboard and plywood.
contents onto a work board for trowel, brush or spatula
鈥? Planter boxes and tubs.
spread dispersion.

鈥? Available in trowel/ brush, roller and low viscosity grades. (COLOURS SANDSTONE & GREY) 15 & 4 Litre pails
鈥? All grades create a tough elastomeric waterproofing Ultraseal R (rollable) is most suited for vertical and
membrane when fully cured. horizontal wet areas such as larger bathrooms, laundries
鈥? Low odour. and kitchens.
鈥? Free of pitch or bitumen modification.
鈥? Will not bleed through porous materials such as marble, 3. ULTRASEAL LV - LOW VISCOSITY
natural stone and slate tiles. (COLOUR GREY) 鈥? 15 Litre pails
鈥? Excellent chemical resistance. Ultraseal LV is especially formulated for application by
鈥? Non re-emulsifying. roller on large exterior level decks and podium areas
鈥? Ready to use, no mixing required. where a thinner, easier to apply coating is required.
鈥? Excellent workability. Ultraseal LV is not suitable for vertical applications.
鈥? Early access for following trades.
鈥? Tenacious bond strength to virtually all common building PRODUCT NOTE
substrates. 鈥? The following instruction steps as detailed in this
鈥? Reaches sufficient cure generally in 24 hours allowing for Technical Data Sheet may not be applicable in every
early placement of mortar beds, screeds or tile adhesives. application. They are provided as a guide to help ensure
鈥? Ultraseal has A.B.S.A.C. Appraisal No. 197. the correct procedures are followed.
鈥? It is recommended that the installation of Bostik
PACKAGING Ultraseal membranes should be carried out by
Ultraseal is available in 15 litre (18.5kg) pails, 4 litre pails professional applicators of waterproofing membranes.
and in 600ml (735gm) sausages. Installation shall be strictly in accordance with the
manufacturer鈥檚 written instructions.
鈥? Bostik Technical Division must approve any modification
or variances with these specifications in writing.
Applied by brush or roller, 1 litre will cover 0.75 M虏 at 1.3mm
鈥? When ever appropriate, the application of Ultraseal
wet film thickness.
Membranes must comply with AS3740-2004
鈥榃aterproofing of Internal Wet Areas in residential
PREPARATION Apply a 10mm bead of sealant by caulking gun directly
鈥? into all wall/floor, hob/floor, hob/wall and wall/wall
Read precautions prior to applying any product from the
corners to intending tile height.
Ultraseal Membrane range.
鈥? Commencement of membrane installation shall be taken
鈥? Sealant should be spatula tooled smooth around
as acceptance of the substrate suitability and
fittings and pressed into corners creating an 8 鈥?10mm
preparation by the applicator.
鈥? triangular fillet.
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of voids, curing
鈥? Allow sealant to tack off (approximately 45 minutes).
compounds, projections, loose materials, oils, grease,
鈥? Apply primers (if required), after sealant tack off, to all
sealers and determined to be structurally sound before
areas intended for Ultraseal application.
the application of Bostik Ultraseal.
鈥? New concrete must have cured for 28 days, mortar beds
鈥? Bostik Moisture Seal vapour barrier should be used to 鈥? If the balcony or deck areas to be coated are subject to
seal concrete slabs containing high moisture content service or other building penetrations, it is
(over 15%) prior to any membrane application. recommended, if possible, to install a flanged metal
鈥? Particularly rough surfaces should be filled using a up-stand around the penetration.
recommended Bostik floor-leveling compound making 鈥? Prime metal up-stand with Bostik 5077 primer and seal
sure to follow instructions for preparation, application off the perimeter of the penetration with a 10mm bead
and curing time. of Bostik Ultraseal Fillet & Seal sealant.
鈥? Ultraseal Membranes should not be applied in any
application until all preparation steps have been CRACKS & NARROW JOINT SEALING
鈥? If cracks or narrow joints are evident in the floor area or
鈥? On completion of membrane placement, a light walls they need to be 鈥渃hased out鈥? and cleaned by
broadcast of fine dry sand could be spread into the still spatula and stiff brush removing all residue.
wet Ultraseal to enhance grout or tile adhesive
鈥? After cleaning, fill all cracks and joints up to 3mm wide
with a broad spatula application of Bostik Ultraseal Fillet
鈥? Ultraseal should not be used in chlorinated water such & Seal. Cracks and joints greater than 3mm must be
as swimming pools, spas etc. filled as detailed then bridge joint by spreading Bostik
Ultraseal Fillet & Seal, minimum 2mm in depth, 35mm
PRIMING on either side and over the joint. Allow Ultraseal Fillet &
鈥? Prior to any application of Ultraseal it is recommended Seal to reach initial set (approx. 45 minutes) before
that a small amount of the selected membrane be returning to apply the selected Ultraseal Membrane to
applied on the substrate surface and allowed to cure to the area to be waterproofed.
test adhesion.
鈥? Bostik Ultraseal polyurethane membranes do not APPLICATION OF THE MEMBRANES
generally require priming except in applications where
the membrane is to be applied to a substrate that has
鈥? A minimum cured dry film thickness of 1mm must be
been treated with coatings or sealers or is of particularly
maintained with all Ultraseal grades to achieve a
unusual surface characteristics. Consult Bostik
waterproof membrane. To ensure this cover is
Technical Division for assistance if such circumstances
achieved it is recommended a wet film thickness of
1.3mm (0.75m虏/litre) be applied.
鈥? Bostik Guardcote, applied in accordance with the
Technical Data Sheet, must be used as a primer for
Ultraseal LV on porous surfaces to ensure sealing of
鈥? The wall/wall and wall/floor corner application
the substrate to eliminate possible pin holing.
instructions for Ultraseal are applicable in all wet area
鈥? From the intending tile height, apply Ultraseal by gun,
鈥? New concrete must be cured for 28 days.
small spatula or brush down all vertical corners that
鈥? Bostik Ultraseal should not be applied to surfaces, have been previously sealed with Ultraseal Fillet &
determined by moisture meter, which have moisture Seal.
contents higher than 15%. Applications to these 鈥? With a brush (Ultraseal R), flat or corner trowel
surfaces can result in adhesion failure or bubbling with
(optional method of smoothing material in corners)
subsequent pin holing of the surface of the membrane.
spread the Ultraseal evenly down the corners and out
鈥? Bostik Ultraseal Membranes are not vapour 200mm onto adjacent walls. Ultimate shower recess
barriers nor designed to stop a hydrostatic head of water cover would be to completely coat the whole wall
pressure. If substrate moisture is evident Bostik Moisture areas with Bostik Ultraseal up to the intending tile
Seal (a vapour barrier) must be applied and allowed to height.
fully cure before the introduction of any Ultraseal
Membranes (refer Technical Data Sheet for SHOWER BASE OR INTERNAL FLOORS
Moisture Seal application). 鈥? Continue across the wall to floor corners spreading
200ml width onto both wall and abutting floor area.
INTERNAL WET AREAS 鈥? Smooth off the applied Ultraseal with a paintbrush.
SEALING CORNERS & WASTE OUTLETS 鈥? For shower recesses repeat the same procedure over
鈥? Bostik Ultraseal Fillet & Seal polyurethane based the complete shower base working out and over the
sealants are to be used in these applications. hob if fitted. Ultraseal must be dressed down the waste
鈥? Ensure falls required in the screed to shower recess at least 50mm.
base, pipe outlets, angles and drainage are installed This should now see Ultraseal evenly spread up all
correctly. corners to the intending tile heights and out 200mm
鈥? All corners and substrate gaps around taps, shower each side.
outlets, waste outlets, pipes, drains, flashings and Check for pin holing, recoat pin holing if evident as
nail/screw holes must be sealed using Ultraseal Fillet necessary to ensure membrane integrity.
& Seal sealant.
The adhesives that can be used for tiling include ASA
After all preparation steps have been completed and any
Conflex, Asaflex, Fixall with Megalastic additive, or Megafix.
primers, if applied are dry, then;
Up to date technical literature should be consulted prior to
鈥? Apply Ultraseal into wastes, drains or onto puddle
application. Product data sheets are available online at
flanges. Ultraseal must be dressed down into the waste or by contacting ASA technical advice
at least 50mm.
toll free 1800 813 890.
鈥? Apply an initial coat of Ultraseal either side of all
wall/floor junctions and sheet flooring joints. Extend the
Alternatively, a polyurethane based adhesive such as
coating at least 200mm either side of the joins.
Polyflex, Marblefix or Asaphonic can be applied directly over
鈥? Once initial coat is completed and 鈥渢acked off鈥?, pour a
the Ultraseal membrane within 7 days of membrane curing.
liberal amount of selected membrane onto the substrate
If tiling after 7 days consult your Bostik Technical
and spread by use of a nap roller. Move the material
around and cross roll to ensure an even flow and cover.
鈥? If the product looks transparent apply more material.
The installation of the Ultraseal waterproofing systems
This is an inbuilt safety feature of Ultraseal R and LV.
should be installed as per AS3740 and in conjunction with
鈥? Ultraseal LV will slump if applied to vertical surfaces and
the manufacturers instructions. The tile adhesives must be
will require priming with Bostik Guardcote when applied
applied in accordance with AS3958.1-1991 鈥? Guide to the
to porous surfaces (see priming).
installation of Ceramic tiles 鈥? Part 1鈥? and the manufacturers
鈥? Check the membrane application for pin holing, if
evident recoat pin holing as necessary to ensure
membrane integrity.
鈥? As product literature can be regularly updated please
MEMBRANE RECOATING and/or REPAIR ensure the most up to date information is consulted
Recoating (after 7 days following full cure). from the manufacturer prior to commencement of
The surface must be cleaned free of all residue, surface application.
dust and any forms of contamination present. The surface 鈥? Due to the state of the concrete, pin holing may occur
can then be reactivated with use of a clean rag lightly during the course of, or shortly after completion of
saturated with Bostik solvent 9934. Apply sparingly with a application. Affected areas must be recoated to ensure
light buffing/cleaning action. perforation free membrane coverage is achieved.
鈥? Standing water introduced to freshly applied Bostik
If repair of Bostik Ultraseal is necessary, the thorough
Ultraseal or excessive slab moisture may cause the
removal of all foreign adhesives or toppings must be carried
membrane layer to swell. If this should occur, the
out. Ensure the repair area surface is left free of all residue,
affected area should be cut out and replaced with fresh
dust or contamination. Solvent wipe and clean with Bostik
Ultraseal once the slab is completely dry. (see recoating
9934 as detailed in recoating.
& repair).
In both applications do not pond or flood the surface with
鈥? Bostik Ultraseal Membranes are not vapour barriers nor
excessive 9934 solvent, as this will soften the existing
designed to stop a hydrostatic head of water pressure.
membrane surface and may damage/dissolve the film
(For this application Bostik Moisture Seal, a vapour
barrier, is recommended).
After solvent cleaning, isolate the area to ensure the
鈥? Rate of cure will be inhibited when air or substrate
membrane is not recontaminated. Spot repair or recoat the
temperatures are below +5掳C or if applied over a vapour
membrane after all solvent has flashed off, usually within 4
barrier or untreated concrete.
鈥? Ultraseal should not be applied greater than 2mm in
During solvent cleaning operation ensure adequate
depth in one application as the likelihood air entrapment
ventilation and personal health and safety protection is
foaming or blistering may occur.
provided as per Bostik 9934 Technical and MSDS.
鈥? Membranes require atmospheric moisture to fully cure.
They should not be used in totally confined or air free
Extended periods of exposure will require the provision of
鈥? Mortar bed screeding, tiling or planter box earth filling
membrane protection from following trades. To eliminate
should not be carried out until Ultraseal has cured for a
possible surface damage or contamination it is
minimum of 24 hours @ 25掳C.
recommended mortar bedding, tiling or finished flooring
鈥? Bostik Ultraseal Membranes should never be used as a
installations should be carried out as soon as possible after
wearing course for foot or vehicle traffic or as an
full cure of membrane is established.
exposed finish or top coating exterior membrane. Bostik
Boscoseal Torch On Membrane with mineral slate finish
sheet is designed for these applications.
Do not attempt to apply tile adhesives to any of the
鈥? Do not apply in temperatures greater than 35掳C.
Ultraseal membrane range whilst the membrane is still
鈥? Any intended application of Bostik Ultraseal Membranes
uncured. Tile adhesives must be compatible with the tile
outside of intended use should be first referred to Bostik
type and Ultraseal.
Technical Division for approval in writing.
P.A.T.S (Pretested Adhesion to Substrate)
If direct sticking the tile adhesive to Ultraseal membrane is
intended, Bostik Ultra NP Primer or Multiprime 2 part
Bostik offer a service in which a program has been
supplied by Architectural & Structural Adhesives Pty Ltd
established to eliminate potential field problems by pre-
(ASA) is required to ensure maximum adhesion. The primer
testing Bostik membranes and coatings with samples of
must be applied in two coats with a minimum recoat time of
building materials to which the membranes will be applied.
4 to 6 hours (at 25掳c and 50% humidity). The primer needs
This service is available on large projects where pre-
to be applied within 7 days of application of the membrane
application testing will aid in determining the proper surface
and the tile adhesive applied within 4 days of the application
preparation method to achieve optimum adhesion. Consult a
of the primer.
Bostik representative for further information.
鈥? Store under cover in dry conditions.
Product should only be applied under conditions of good
If stored between 5掳C and 30掳C. in original unopened
ventilation and should be kept away from sensitive areas
containers Ultraseal has a shelf life of 12 months.
of the body as prolonged exposure may cause skin
and/or respiratory irritation.
Protective mask and safety glasses should be worn for
All grades of Ultraseal are nonflammable
spray applications due to atmospheric particulates.
鈥? Avoid contact with the skin, eyes and avoid breathing its
vapour. Item No Product & Stock Size Colour
鈥? Wear protective gloves and glasses when open lid 260568 Ultraseal R 15 Litre pail Sandstone
handling and in the application process. 268453 Ultraseal R 4 litre pail Sandstone
鈥? If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons 298255 Ultraseal R 15 Litre pail Grey
Information Centre. 298565 Ultraseal R 4 Litre pail Grey
鈥? If swallowed, do not induce vomiting; give a glass of 301205 Ultraseal LV 15 Litre pail Grey
water. 230227 Ultraseal 600ml sausage Sandstone
鈥? If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing 264229 Fillet & Seal 600ml sausage White
and wash skin thoroughly using Bostik Handi-Clean
263362 Moisture Seal 20 Litre kit Grey
263370 Moisture Seal 8 Litre kit Grey
鈥? If in eyes, hold eyes open, flood with water for a least 15
227935 5077 primer 1 litre Clear
minutes and see a doctor.
257753 Handi 鈥? Clean Towels
鈥? Bostik Ultraseal can be cleaned from equipment with
289396 Guardcote 4 Litre Clear
Bostik 9907 or 9934 solvents before fully cured.
298418 Guardcote 20 Litre Clear
鈥? For more detailed information refer to the Ultraseal
045306 9907 Solvent 20 Litre Clear
Material Safety Data Sheet.
161608 9934 Solvent 20 Litre Clear
Bostik Handi-Clean Towels will remove Ultraseal from skin
prior to full cure. Do not use solvents on skin.

When using solvents always wear eye protection and use
in well-ventilated area.

The representations and recommendations regarding the products are based on tests, which we believe to be reliable. However, no guarantee of
their accuracy can be made because of the great range of field conditions and variations encountered in raw materials, manufacturing equipment
and methods. Thus, the products are sold with a limited warranty only, and on the condition that purchasers will make their own tests to
determine the suitability of the product for their particular purposes. Under no circumstances will Bostik Australia Pty Ltd be liable to anyone
except for replacement of the products or refund of the purchase price.


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