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Class C High Strength Cementitious Grout
Techflow Grout HS is a high performance, high strength, non-
shrink dual expansion Class C cementitious grout. Mixing Consistency
The table is a guide to the typical water addition requirements for
DESCRIPTION various consistencies.
Techflow Grout HS is a high performance, high strength non-
Litres of water Dry Pack Flowable Fluid
shrink dual expansion, precision Class C cementitious grout. The
per 20kg bag
highly fluid free flowing grout is a blend of Portland cement and
Range 2.8 - 3.1 3.2 - 3.5 3.6 - 4.0
graded aggregate which complies with US Corps of Engineers
Test Levels * 3.1 3.5 4.0
Specifi-cation of non-shrink grout, CRD-C621-82A and ASTM
C1107-91 (Type C). Dual expansion compensates for shrinkage in * Refers to the water content used to carry out perfor mance testing
both plastic and hardened states. For grouting gap distances as indicated in the tables below.
10mm to 140mm in a single application.
Setting Times
Techflow Grout HS is supplied as ready to use dry powder requiring Vicat setting times Dry Flowable Fluid
only the addition of a controlled amount of clean water to produce a at 20掳C Pack
free flowing non-shrink grout. Initial Set 3.0 4.5 hours 5.5 hours
RECOMMENDED USES Final Set 4.0 6.0 hours 7.0 hours
鈥? Cementitious grouting where high early strength is required hours
鈥? Critical equipment base plates Time for Expansion -- 15-25 15 - 30
鈥? Heavy duty support beneath machine base plates -Start (plastic minutes minutes
鈥? Bridge bearing and crane rails state)
鈥? Anchoring bolts, bars and fittings Time for Expansion -- 2-4 2-4
鈥? Underpinning -Finish (plastic hours hours
鈥? Bridge bearing and crane rails state
鈥? Applications subject to continuous vibrations and dynamic Unrestrained -- 1.5% 1.1%
loads. Expansion
鈥? Precision grouting application. Bleeding 0% 0% 0%
FEATURES & BENEFITS Tested at 20掳C and 50%RH to AS1012.18 for setting times, AS2073
Dual expansion compensates for shrinkage in the plastic and for expansions and AS1012.6 for bleeding
hardened state
鈥? Gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage and Compressive Strength
settlement whilst in the plastic state Tested in accordance to AS1012.9, AS2073 at 20掳C
鈥? Can be dry packed, rammed, trowelled, poured and pumped Age Dry Pack Flowable Fluid
鈥? Economical, low in place cost 1 day 44Mpa 40Mpa 22Mpa
鈥? Economical, low in place cost
3 days 72Mpa 67Mpa 45Mpa
鈥? Ready to use, pre-mixed, requires only the addition of water
7 days 83Mpa 75Mpa 59Mpa
鈥? Non metallic iron content eliminates staining
28 days 90Mpa 83Mpa 67Mpa
鈥? Lower water/cement ratio reduces drying shrinkage, increases
durability and reduces permeability Flexural Strength
鈥? Excellent flow characteristics when used in fluid consistency, Tested in accordance to ASTM C348-86 at 20掳C
fills intricate cavities
Age Flowable Fluid
鈥? Complete void filling resulting from gaseous expansion in
1 day 4.1Mpa 3.9Mpa
plastic state
7 days 10.5Mpa 9.8Mpa
鈥? Complies with the requirements ASTM C1107-91 and
28 days 11.5Mpx 10.5Mpa
鈥? Excellent flow retention

Tested in accordance to ASTM C882-1987 Slant/Shear method It is essential that the formwork be constructed to facilitate rapid
continuous and complete filling at area to be grouted. It is essential
Age Consistency Strength that the formwork be constructed to be leak proof and water tight.
7 days Flowable > 5Mpa Use methods of forming that will allow grout to flow by gravity
28 days Flowable >10Mpa between the base plate and foundation ensuring grout is kept in full
contact with these surfaces until it has hardened.
Tested in accordance to AS1012.13
Time (days) Consistency Strength
As Techflow Grout HS is an expanding grout, unrestrained areas
7 days Flowable < 350 microstrain
must be kept to a minimum. It is advisable not to leave any
28 days Flowable < 500 microstrain
unrestrained areas.
56 days Flowable < 500 microstrain
Normal precautions for winter working with cementitious materials
Using CRD-C flow core (Efflux 20 - 30 seconds
should then be adopted. At temperature below 5潞C, the cure rate
time)Initial Flow
and strength development rate will be dramatically reduced. If early
Flow after 15 minutes 25 - 35 seconds
strength is required, it is advisable to use heated water and
Flow after 25 minu tes 35 - 45 seconds
condition Techflow Grout HS to 25潞C. Do not exceed these
YIELDS temperatures.
The approximate yields are obtained if mixed in accordance with
recommended procedures and accurately measured water content. HIGH TEMPERATURE WORKING:
At temperatures above 30潞C, it is advisable to use water below
Dry Flowable Fluid
20潞C when mixing grout. All materials must be kept cool and away
from direct sunlight with installation area to be shaded by erecting
Litres per 20kg 10.2 10.7 11.0
shade screens. If ambient temperatures are excessive, per form
grouting in early morning or late evenings.
Fresh wet density 2265 2196 2181
Bags required per 98 93 91
For optimum results, Techflow Grout HS must be mixed with a
cubic metre
mechanical forced action mixer with a high shear stirrer. It is
essential that the grouting operation is continuous, therefore,
Density tested to AS1012.5 ensure sufficient labour and mixing capacity is available.
PACKAGING The selected water content should be accurately measured into a
Techflow Grout HS is supplied in a 20kg polylined bag. mixing vessel. Slowing add the dr y powder Techflow Grout HS
while mixing. The mixing should continue for a maximum of 5
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS minutes until a uniform homogeneous consistency is obtained.
SUBSTRATE AND SURFACE PREPARATION: Discard any unused grout that has stiffened or hardened.
The substrate surface must be clean, sound and free from oil, grease,
curing compound or any loose materials. It must be mechanically PLACING
abraded back to a sound concrete. Bolts or anchor holes must be It is essential that at ambient temperatures (approximately 20潞C)
clean and free from dust or loose material. This can be achieved by the grout is placed within 25 minutes of mixing as this will ensure
blowing clean the hole. the expansion process will be maximized. Techflow Grout HS can
be placed in thickness ranging from 10mm to 140mm in one single
PRE SOAKING application. Where thickness is greater than 140mm. Special
It is essential to presoak the concrete substrate prior to application of procedures are necessary.
Techflow Grout HS. Pre soak substrates for a minimum of 6 hours Consult your local Bostik office for advice.
prior to grouting. Im mediately before grouting, the excess water Avoid trapping air and water by placing grout one side only. It is
should be removed, all water in the anchor and bolt holes must be recommended that a suitable head box be used to ensure
blown out and no traces of free water present whilst grouting. continuous flow of grout. Ensure entire area to be grouted is filled
by bringing level to above underside of machine base plate and
BASE PLATE remain at this level throughout grout placement. The grout head
All traces of rust, oil or grease must be removed. It is essential to must be maintained at all times so that a continuous grout front is
provide air pressure relief holes for venting. achieved. Do not use mechanical vibrators to assist in flow as this
will cause segregation of aggregate. For large areas it is
recommended that Techflow Grout HS be pumped. Contact your
local Bostik office for further information.

On completion of grouting, the exposed area should be covered Cement products are classified as hazardous under General Health
with wet hessian, plastic sheeting or Bostik Bond 鈥楴鈥? Cure to and Safety guidelines. Materials containing Portland cement are
prevent excessive moisture loss. Keep grout covered for a alkaline in nature and you should during use avoid inhalation of dust
minimum of 24 hours. and contact with skin and eyes. Suitable protective clothing, dust
Remove formwork no sooner than 24 hours after completion of masks, gloves and eye protection should be worn. Continual or
grouting and continue to cure with hessian, plastic sheeting water extended contact with cement products can cause skin irritation. If
or Bostik Bond N Cure curing agent. Lack of sufficient curing could skin irritation occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin
result in plastic cracking and drying shrinkage on the surface. The thoroughly with water for a minimum of 15 minutes. Contact Poison
surface should be protected for at least 7 days with either a curing Information Centre or consult medical advice.
compound (Bostik Bond N Cure), or wet hessian, plastic sheeting Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.
or water.
PRECAUTIONS Techflow Grout HS should be removed from tools and equipment with
鈥? Do not add additional water other than specified clean water immediately after use.
鈥? For large areas apply grout in a continuous operation
鈥? Do not apply in areas less than 10mm depth STORAGE
鈥? Unrestrained areas must be kept to a minimum Techflow Grout HS has a shelf life of approximately eight (8) months if
鈥? Cure time and set will be extended when applied at temperatures kept in a dry environment completely away from moisture.
lower than 5掳C.
Bostik offer a service in which a program has been established to
eliminate potential field problems by pre-testing Bostik adhesives
with samples of building materials to which the adhesive will be
applied. This service is available on large projects where pre- ITEM NO STOCK SIZE COLOUR
application testing will aid in determining the proper surface TECHFLOW GROUT HS
preparation method to achieve optimum adhesion. Consult a Bostik 267775 20kg Grey
Representative for further information. FLOWFILL GROUT GP
267759 20kg Grey
267767 20kg Light Grey
267783 4 litre kit Grey
267791 16 litre kit Grey

Product: Techflow HS
Issue Date: October 2001
Issue No: 1
Division: Construction
Total Pages: 4

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will Bostik Findley Australia be liable to anyone except for replacement of the products or refund of the purchase price.

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