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     MOLYTEC AUSTRALIA, Unit 1, 9 Steel St, Capalaba, QLD Australia, 4157
Tel. for Information: (07) 3245 2355 Fax for Information: (07) 3245 2499
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Material Safety Data Sheet MOLYTEC Spraysafe Aerosol

NOT Classified as hazardous according to criteria of NOHSC.
1. Chemical Product / Company Identification
Product Name: Molytec Spraysafe Silicone
Product Type: Silicone Spray
Product Size: 250g Aerosol Part No. M808
Proper Shipping Name: Aerosol UN No.: 1950 DG Class: 2
Sub Risk: Nil Hazchem Code: 2Y Poisons Schedule: n/a
Product Use: Silicone Lubricant
Company Details: Molytec Australia P/L 1/9 Steel St Capalaba QLD Australia 4157
Phone: 07 3245 2355 Fax: 07 3245 2499

2. Hazards Identification

Hazard Category Xi
F Flammable
Risk Phases R10 Flammable
R36 Irritating to eyes
R37 Irritating to respiratory system

3. Composition and Information on Chemical Ingredients

Chemical Entity CAS No. Proportion
Food Grade Silicone 63/48
Hydrocarbon Propellant 106 High

4. First Aid Measures

Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Give milk or water. Seek Medical advice.

Eye: Rinse eyes immediately with water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical advice.

Skin: Wash affected areas with mild soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing.

Inhaled: Remove to fresh air, if breathing difficulty persists, seek medical advice.

First Aid Facilities: No special facilities required.

Advice to Doctor: Refer to First Aid above.

5. Fire Fighting Measures
(See Section 9 Physical and Chemical Properties for Autoignition temp, exposure limits, etc.)
Flammable Limits: % Volume LEL: 1.5 UEL: 9.6

Types of extinguisher/Agent: Foam, Dry Chemical or Carbon Dioxide

Precautions: Product is Flammable

6. Accidental Release Measures

SPILLS: If aerosols are leaking, absorb liquid with sand, sawdust etc.

Minimising Spills/Leaks: Product is easily contained. may be slippery.
Clean Up Spills/Leaks: Transfer product into a container.
Precautions For Cleanup: None apart from precautions noted above.
Special Equipment Req d: None.
Disposal Containers: Steel drums preferred.
Incineration/ Landfill Considerations: Treat as solid waste.

MOLYTEC AUSTRALIA, Unit 1, 9 Steel St, Capalaba, QLD Australia, 4157
Tel. for Information: (07) 3245 2355 Fax for Information: (07) 3245 2499
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Material Safety Data Sheet MOLYTEC Spraysafe Aerosol

7. Safe Handling Information

Storage: -Store in original containers in approved flameproof area
-DO NOT store in pits, depressions, basements or areas where vapours may be trapped.
-No smoking, naked lights, heat or ignition sources.
-Keep containers securely sealed. Contents under pressure.
-Store away from incompatible materials.
-Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area in an upright position out of direct sunlight.
-Avoid storage at temperatures higher than 40掳 C
-Protect containers against physical damage and check regularly for leaks.

8. Exposure Control and Personal Protection

Personal Protection

Respirator Type: Not considered necessary
Gloves: Use of protective gloves is good industrial practice. Gloves should prevent contact
between skin and product.
Eye Protection: As a precaution use chemical safety goggles. Not considered necessary if used
according to can instructions.
Clothing: Clothing should be suitable to avoid product contacting the skin on a prolonged or
repeated basis.
Other: None.
Fire Hazards -Heat or damage to containers may release flammable gases
-Containers will explode when heated 鈥? ruptured containers will rocket
-Released gases may form explosive mixtures with air in confined spaces
-Released gases may travel to source of ignition and flash back
-Organic chemicals may form flammable dust clouds in air; will burn if involved in fire
-Fire may produce irritating, poisonous and/or corrosive gases.

9. Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance & Odour: Colourless liquid with no odour
Boiling Point: -35 C
Specific Gravity: Approximately 0.57gl/ml
Solubility in Water: Immiscible
% Volatiles by Vol. Approximately 80%

10. Stability and Reactivity

-Vapour is highly flammable
-Severe fire hazard when exposed to heat or flame
-Vapour forms explosive mixture with air
-Vapour may travel considerable distance to source of ignition
-Heating may cause expansion with violent container rupture
-Aerosol cans may explode on exposure to naked flames
-Rupturing containers may rocket and scatter burning materials
-Hazards may not be restricted to pressure effects
-Organic chemicals may form flammable dust clouds in air; will burn if involved in fire
-May emit acrid, poisonous or corrosive fumes
-On combustion, may emit toxic fumes of carbon monoxide (CO)
-Other combustion products include carbon dioxide (CO2)

Conditions to avoid: See 鈥淪afe Handling Information鈥? (Section 7).

MOLYTEC AUSTRALIA, Unit 1, 9 Steel St, Capalaba, QLD Australia, 4157
Tel. for Information: (07) 3245 2355 Fax for Information: (07) 3245 2499
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Material Safety Data Sheet MOLYTEC Spraysafe Aerosol

11. Toxicological Information

Health Effects
Swallowed: Irritant to mouth, throat and digestive tract.
Eye: Irritant causing redness.
Skin: No adverse effects known.
Inhaled: Irritating to respiratory tract and mucous membranes.


Ecological Information
Not Available

Disposal Considerations

Disposal Method: Treat as solid waste.
State/Territory Authority: Dispose of according to Federal, State and local government regulations.

14. Transport Information
Transportation: UN 1950
Class 2
Incompatible products: Flammable gases shall not be loaded in the same vehicle or packed in the same
freight container with:
-Class 1 explosives
-Class 3 flammable liquids (where both flammable liquids and gases are in bulk)
-Class 4.1 flammable solids
-Class 4.2 spontaneously combustible substances
-Class 4.3 dangerous when wet substances
-Class 5.1 oxidising agents
-Class 5.2 organic peroxides
-Class 7 radioactive substances
15. Regulatory Information
None Available

16. Other Information
Users should verify the currency of this data sheet if more than 5 years old. The information contained in this material
safety data sheet is believed to be accurate on the date of issue and in accordance with the information available to us.
Persons dealing with products referred to in this MSDS do so at their own risk. We accept no liability whatsoever for
damage or injury however caused arising from use of this information or of suggestions contained herein.


For further safety information contact Denis Brown at MOLYTEC AUSTRALIA on:
Tel: (07) 3245 2355 Fax: (07) 3245 2499
P.O. Box 5357, Alexandra Hills, QLD, Australia, 4161

The information contained within this MSDS applies only to the MOLYTEC product to which the sheet relates. The information provided is
based on our best knowledge at the time of issue.
The information contained within this MSDS is believed to be accurate and is given in good faith. However no warranty is made, either
express or implied, regarding its accuracy or any liability arising out of the use of the information herein or the products supplied.
When used in other preparations, formulations, or in mixtures, it is necessary to ascertain whether the classification of the hazards has
changed. The attention of the user is drawn to the possibility of creating other hazards when the product is used for purposes other than
that for which it was recommended. In such cases a reassessment may be necessary and should be made by the user.
This safety data sheet should only be used and reproduced in order that the necessary measures are taken relating to the protection of
health and safety at work.
It is the responsibility of the handlers to pass on the totality of the information contained within this document to any subsequent person(s)
who will come in to contact with, handle or use this product in any way.
They should check the adequacy of the information provided within this MSDS before passing it on to their customers / staff.



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