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PBI Structural Anchor

Flanged hex head class 8.8 bolt Heavy-duty large Nylon compression ring Thick expansion sleeve
Unique head markings for
for high performance in both diameter washer ensures positive grip of anchor generating high slip resistance
easy product traceability and
tension and shear applications. suitable for in drilled hole. Compression and maximum lateral wedging
effective on site inspection
Flanged head provides oversized fixture ring also provides fixture clamp effect in drilled hole
increased bearing of anchor and clearance holes down against base material for
washer against fixture. dynamic loading applications.

1. Load Controlled Expansion Anchors for brace fixing
M12 / 脴 18 - PBI Structural Anchor Specification Data M14 / 脴 20 - PBI Structural Anchor Specification Data
Product: PBI Structural Anchor Product: PBI Structural Anchor
Part No.: PBI18-17/102LE or PBI18-27/127 Part No.: PBI 20-17/102 or PBI 20-27/127
Sizes: 18 x 102mm & 18 x 127mm Sizes: 20 x 102mm & 20 x 127mm
Bolt: M12 (class 8.8) Bolt: M14 (class 8.8)
Drill Dia.: 18mm Drill Dia.: 20mm
Embed. Depth: 82mm & 107mm Embed. Depth: 82mm & 107mm
Anchor Spacing: 180mm (nominal) Anchor Spacing: 200mm (nominal)
Anchor Edge Distance: 216mm (nominal) Anchor Edge Distance: 240mm (nominal)
Fixture Thickness: 20mm (nominal) Fixture Thickness: 20mm (nominal)
Fixture Clearance Hole: 20 to 22mm Fixture Clearance Hole: 22 to 24mm
Tightening torque: 80 Nm Tightening torque: 120 - 140 Nm

Performance in 20 MPa Concrete Performance in 20 MPa Concrete
Tension First Slip Load (0.1mm): 22.9 kN Tension First Slip Load (0.1mm): 35.6 kN
RWLL (0.65 x First Slip Load): 14.9 kN RWLL (0.65 x First Slip Load): 23.1 kN
Shear R(s)A Anchor Allowable Working Load: 23.1 kN Shear R(s)A Anchor Allowable Working Load: 27.2 kN

2. Load controlled expansion anchors for structural connections
Allowable Working Load Performance Data
40 MPa Concrete Panel
Bolt Drill Clearance Torque Embed thickness
Part No. Size size dia. hole setting depth Tension Shear (Minimum)
mm mm mm Nm mm (kN) (kN) mm
PBI 18-12/82 LE 18 x 82 70 11.2 16.7 100
PBI 18-17/102LE 18 x 102 M 12 18 20 - 22 80 85 13.7 23.1 125
PBI 18-27/127 18 x 127 100 19.4 23.1 125
PBI 20-17/102 20 x 102 M 14 20 22 - 24 120 - 140 85 23.6 29.3 125
PBI 20-27/127 20 x 127 100 27.7 37.6 125
Never drill deeper than 80% of panel thickness, always clean the drilled hole and
always use the correct length load controlled expansion anchor.
This will prevent blow out in panels and eliminate costly repairs.
The new Proprietary PBI Structural Anchor is a heavy-duty thick
sleeve expansion anchor. It is vibration resistant and removable.
The anchor is available in a flange hex head version and can be
used in concrete, stone and some types of solid brick and core filled
blockwork. The anchor diameter of the PBI structural anchor is the
same as the drilled hole, which eliminates layout or hole spotting.
The PBI Structural Anchor is a torque (load) controlled thick sleeve expansion anchor, which is suitable for all
applications requiring high performance with minimal slip. Its unique design ensures efficient load carrying
capacity in both tension and shear.
Powers Fasteners have tested the PBI Structural Anchor in accordance with AS 3850 鈥?2003 (Tilt-up concrete
construction standard) for bracing of tilt-up concrete panels.
AS 3850 鈥? 2003 states that where expansion anchors are to be used as brace fixing or structural connection
fixing inserts they shall be of the load-controlled type and the WLL (Working Load Limit) shall be limited to 0.65 of
the first slip load.
Hardened Tapered cone with
optimum geometric design for Typical Applications:
maximum anchor expansion 鈥? Bracing of Tilt-up concrete panels
鈥? Structural connections including column bases, beam supports etc.
鈥? Scaffolding tie back to concrete and masonry
鈥? Heavy machinery

3. Anchor Design Criteria 4. Combined Loading
The minimum recommended thickness of base material, BMT, when using the PBI
Structural Anchor is 125% of the embedment to be used. For example, when installing Anchors loaded in both Tension & Shear shall be designed to satisfy -
an anchor to a depth of 100mm, the base material thickness should be 125mm.
/R /R <
5/3 5/3
(F (T) S.W.L WLL ) + (F (S) S.W.L (S) A) 1
Spacing and edge distance criteria listed below should be considered
F (T) S.W.L
when calculating the performance capabilities of the PBI Structural Where; = Applied service load (tension)
R WLL = 0.65 x First Slip Load (tension)
F (S) S.W.L = Applied service load (shear)
To obtain the maximum load in tension or shear, a spacing, S, of 10 anchor
R (S) A = Anchor allowable working load (shear)
diameters (10d) should be used. The minimum recommended anchor spacing, S, is
5 anchor diameters (5d) at which point the load should be reduced by 50%. The
following table lists the load reduction factors, Rs for each diameter d, based on
the centre to centre anchor spacing. 5. PBI Structural Anchor Material Specifications
Anchor Hole Anchor Spacing, S (mm) Tension and Shear
Anchor Components 鈥? Carbon Steel
Size d (mm) 10d 9d 8d 7d 6d 5d
18 180 162 144 126 108 90 Bolt Class 8.8 ( UTS = 800 MPa min. / Y.S. = 640MPa min.)
20 200 180 160 140 120 100
Washer C1040 (heat treated)
Rs 1.00 0.90 0.80 0.70 0.60 0.50
EDGE DISTANCE 鈥? TENSION Expander Sleeve C1022
An edge distance, E, of 12 anchor diameters (12d) should be used to obtain the
maximum tension load. The minimum recommended edge distance, E, is 5 anchor Extension Sleeve C1022
diameters (5d) at which point the tension load should be reduced by 20%. The
Expander Cone C1040 (heat treated)
following table lists the load reduction factor, Re, for each anchor diameter, d,
based on the anchor centre to edge distance.
Compression Ring Nylon
Anchor Hole Edge Distance, E (mm) Tension only
Size d (mm) 12d 11d 10d 9d 8d 7d 6d 5d
Plating Zinc plated in accordance with AS1789-2003
18 216 198 180 162 144 126 108 90
20 240 220 200 180 160 140 120 100 Head Style Heavy Hex Flange Head
Re 1.00 0.97 0.94 0.91 0.89 0.86 0.83 0.80
M12 / O.D. = 26.5mm
For shear loads, an edge distance, E, of 12 anchor diameters (12d) should be used M14 / O.D. = 30.5mm
to obtain the maximum load. The minimum recommended edge distance, E, is 5
anchor diameters (5d) at which point the shear load should be reduced by 50%. Socket Size M12 / 18 = 18mm socket
The following table lists the load reduction factor, Re, for each anchor diameter, d,
M14 / 20 = 21mm socket
based on the anchor centre to edge distance.
Anchor Hole Edge Distance, E (mm) Shear only
Size d (mm) 12d 11d 10d 9d 8d 7d 6d 5d
18 216 198 180 162 144 126 108 90
20 240 220 200 180 160 140 120 100
Re 1.00 0.93 0.86 0.79 0.71 0.64 0.57 0.50
PBI Structural Anchor
Anchors for bracing and structural connection of tilt-
up and precast concrete panels

PBI Structural Anchor
New PBI Structural Anchor is a heavy-duty thick sleeve expansion anchor.

Description mm mm mm Nm qty qty

PBI18-12/82LE M12 x 82mm 18 70 12 80 25 75

PBI18-17/102LE M12 x 102mm 18 85 17 80 25 75
PBI18-27/127 M12 x 127mm 18 100 27 80 25 75
Victoria - Head Office
PBI20-17/102 M14 x 102mm 20 85 17 120 10 40 Factory 3 / 205 Abbotts Rd
Dandenong Sth, 3175
PBI20-27/127 M14 x 127mm 20 100 27 120 10 40
Tel: 03鈥?8787 5888
Fax: 03鈥?8787 5899
Installation New South Wales
Tel: 02鈥?9748 7766
Using the proper diameter bit, drill a hole into the Fax: 02鈥?9648 5977
base material to the depth required. This must be Queensland
no more than 80% of the base material thickness Tel: 07鈥?3216 7122
Fax: 07鈥?3216 7216

Far North Queensland
Blow and brush the hole clean of dust and other Fax: 07鈥?4036 4166
material. Position the fixture. Do not expand the South Australia
anchor prior to installation. Tel: 08鈥?8346 5611
Fax: 08鈥?8346 5711

Western Australia
Drive the anchor through the fixture into the Tel: 08鈥?9209 1211
Fax: 08鈥?9209 1055
anchor hole until the bolt head is firmly seated
against the fixture. New Zealand
Be sure the anchor is driven to the the required Unit 1 / 12 Beatrice Tinsley Cres
Albany, Auckland
embedment depth.
Tel: 0011 64鈥?9415 2425
Fax: 0011 64鈥?9415 2627
Tighten the anchor by turning the head 3 to 4
turns or by applying the guide installation torque
from the fingertight position

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