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                                                         Made for the Tough Jobs
鈥eavy-duty Soldering, Battery Cables
鈥ir Conditioning, Heat exchanger repair
鈥olt Removal
鈥? Big 4鈥? flame reaches 2462掳F掳
鈥utomotive radiator repair
鈥? Compact size, gets into areas larger torches won鈥檛 fit
鈥aint Stripping
鈥? Portable & Self-igniting
鈥razing & Welding
鈥? Powerful Wind Resistant Flame
鈥? Large Robust Internal Components
Technical Features:
鈥? Welded Stainless Steel Front End Construction
鈥?10 Second Refill time
鈥? All-In-One On-Off Piezo Ignition
鈥?30 minute Run-time
鈥? Ergonomic Handle Grip
鈥emperature up to 2,462掳F (1,350掳C)
2,462掳 (1,350掳
TORCH6 鈥? High
鈥? Detachable Safety Stand
鈥efill with Butane Gas (only)
鈥? Flame Adjustable Button
Power Butane
鈥eight 5.83 oz (166 grams)
鈥? Visible Fuel Level Window
鈥imensions: 5 戮鈥? x 1 陆鈥? x 5 录鈥?
鈥? 4鈥? (100mm) Flame Length
鈥? Safety lock prevents accidental WARNING
鈥? This product, when used for soldering and similar applications, produces chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and
ignition birth defects or other reproductive harm. Note: Lead free solder is recommended.
鈥? Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Regulations forbid carriage of butane or other flammable products on passage
鈥? Do not pack this item or any other flammable gas item in any checked or carry-on baggage.
鈥ead instructions before use. 鈥? Only use butane gas. Do Not use propane gas or any other type of fuel. 鈥? Do not touch flame guard while
in use or until sufficient time has passed for cooling. 鈥o not immerse heated parts or items in water, allow to cool naturally.
鈥? Do not store at temperatures above 104掳F (40掳C). 鈥? Do not unscrew the button in the gas tank base.
鈥? Keep out of reach of children.
CAUTION: The torch flame is almost invisible in daylight, or strong light.
EU-Unavailable Country of Origin - Ireland

March 4, 2008
Snap-on is a trademark, registered in the United States and other countries, of Snap-on Incorporated.
Other marks are marks of their respective holder. 漏2008 Snap-on Incorporated.

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