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                                     Ultra-Pure E. coli K12 LPS Safety Data Sheet

Date: 20-01-04 Date of printing: Page 1 of 2
Revised 23-09-04

1. Name of substance/preparation and company
1.1 Commercial product: Ultra-pure Escherichia coli K12 LPS
Cat.-No.: tlrl-eklps
1.2 Company: CAYLA SAS InvivoGen Corp
5 rue Jean Rodier BP 4437 3950 Sorrento Valley Blvd, suite A
31 405 Toulouse Cedex 04 France San Diego, California 92121 USA
Tel. ++33 (0)5 62 71 69 39 858 457 5873
Information obtainable from: ++33 (0)5 62 71 69 39 858 457 5873
This product is for laboratory use only and is not intended for human or animal diagnostics, therapeutic or clinical uses

2. Composition/Information on constituents
The following list shows components of this product classified as hazardous based on physical properties and health effects
Lipopolysaccharides classified as hazardous component
CAS-No.: N.A.
Molecular formula: N.D.
Molecular weight: N.D.
3. Hazards identification
Warnings: The usual precautions taken when handling chemicals should be observed.

Danger! Hazardous compound, highly pyrogenic
toxic if swallowed. toxic if absorbed
Potential health effects:
- Eyes: May cause irritation.
-Skin: Can cause skin irritation, do not allow to come into contact with open cuts.
- Inhalation: toxic,
-Ingestion: toxic
Chronic effects:
Target organ Data:
- see RTCES entry for complete information

4. First aid measures
First aid:
Eye contact: Wash immediately eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention;
Skin contact: Wash off with water and soap, remove contaminated clothes. Get medical attention
Ingestion: give plenty of water if conscious. If vomiting occurs naturally, wash mouth out. Be prepared to induce vomiting upon advice. Obtain
medical attention if symptoms develop.
Inhalation: Remove victim to fresh air, if malaise develops go to a physician
If injection into blood vessel occurs, see immediate medical attention
Instructions for symptomatic treatment by a physician: Treat symptomatically

5. Fire-fighting measures
Flash point Degree : Not available
Upper flammable limit %: Not available
Lower flammable limit %: Not available
Autoignition temperature degree: Not available
Extinguishing media: Use appropriate foam, carbon dioxide or dry chemical fighting fire.

Hazardous combustion products: not applicable

6. Accidental release measures
Refer to section 8 for personal protection equipment recommendations.
After spillage: Sweep up spilled substance carefully.
Absorbent material: suitable absorbent material like .
Damage limitation: Special measures to limit damage are to be taken.

7. Handling and storage
Storage of some material could be regulated by federal, state, and/or local laws.
7.1 Handling: toxic material. Avoid contacting and breathing the material. Do not pipet by mouth. This product is to be used by skilled personnel and
only in an approved laboratory setting
Use only in a ventilated area.
7.2 Storage: Store in a cool dry place at ambient pressure, and in suitable storage area.
Hydrophilic material; Keep tightly closed when not in use

Ultra-Pure E. coli K12 LPS Safety Data Sheet
Date: 20.01.04 Date of printing: Page 2 of 2
Revised 23-09-04

8. Exposure controls- personal protection
Engineering controls : local exhaust ventilation or other engineering controls are normally required when handling or using this product to avoid
Respiratory protection: wear protective respiratory mask
Eye protection: use protective glasses
Hand protection: wear protective compatible resistant gloves
Hygiene: Wash hands before breaks and at the end of the work.

9. Physical and chemical properties
Physical state: lyophilized powder
Colour: white
Odour: none
PH: N.A.
Boiling point: no data
Melting point: N.A.
Solubility in water: soluble
Density : not determined
Viscosity: not determined

10. Stability and reactivity
Stability : stable under normal conditions
Conditions to avoid : heat, strong oxidising agents
Reactions: Not known when used appropriately.
Hazardous decomposition products : no know n
Hazardous polymerisation: will not occur

11. Toxicological information
LD50 by i.v. or i.p. administration ranges between 250-500碌g in 20gr mice, LD50 in humans has not been determined. Minimal pyrogenic dose in
humans following i.v. administration has been estimated at 4ng/kg
LD50 dermal not known
LD50 inhalation/respiratory not known
Toxicological information: Intoxication has so far not become known.
See actual entry in RTECS for complete toxicological informations.

12. Ecological information
Hazards: no hazardous to water and ground water even if no ecological information is available
Environnemental fate: Bioconcentration is not expected to occur

13. Disposal considerations
Regulatory information: not applicable
Waste disposal route: Can be sent to an incineration plant in accordance with all state, federal, local regulations.
Clean up and dispose of waste in accordance with all state, federal, local regulations.
14. Transport information
UN number UN2811
Proper Shipping Name: Lipopolysaccharides
Notes: product non subject to current regulations for transportation of hazardous goods (GGVS/ADR,
Hazard class Hazardous compound

15. Regulatory Information
Notes: This product must be labelled in accordance with EEC regulation on product class 6.1, Xn.
R28 toxic in case of ingestion or if swallowed
S24/26 Avoid contact with skin and eyes
S36/37/39 Wear protective clothing, respiratory mask, gloves and eyes protection

16. Other information
The information herein is believed to be correct as of the date hereof, but is provided without warranty
of any kind. The recipient of our product is responsible for ensuring that, where applicable, existing
laws and guidelines are observed.

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