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                                  CLiNiCAL dECiSiON SuppORT


禄 Pre-Populated Medications
THOMSON HEALTHCARE Provides an electronic

Medication Reconciliation Solution list of a patient鈥檚 home

Medication Safety 禄 Drug Identification Tool
Provides images,
descriptions, and imprint
codes to aid in identifying
The Medication Reconciliation Solution from Thomson Healthcare unknown tablets
streamlines the process of creating, managing, and reconciling a and capsules
patient鈥檚 medication list from admittance through discharge 禄 Interaction Checking
Automatically checks for
allergies, duplications,
Overview interactions, and warnings

禄 Electronic Reconciliation
Managing a patient鈥檚 list of medications is a difficult task that involves cooperation between
Helps manage and
the hospital, the patient, and many outside sources. As a result, caregivers often find
communicate home,
themselves lacking a complete picture of the medications a patient is taking. inpatient, and discharge
medication lists across the
care team
The Medication Reconciliation Solution from Thomson Healthcare is a Web-based application
禄 Automated Ordering
that simplifies and automates the process of creating, managing, and reconciling a patient鈥檚
list of medications at every Automatically sends new
stage of their movement orders to the pharmacy
through the hospital. It 禄 Drug Information
integrates data from the Links directly to
comprehensive drug
hospital HIS system and
outside prescription history
data with tools for drug
identification and interaction
checking, providing
禄 Significantly reduces the
comprehensive management potential for adverse drug
of the patient medication list. events due to incomplete or
incorrect medication lists

The Medication Reconciliation 禄 Eliminates the need to
manually reconcile patient
Solution results in improved
medications 鈥? saving time
patient care, increased efficiency, lower costs, and full compliance with the Joint Commission鈥檚 and effort
medication reconciliation requirements.
禄 Satisfies JC (formerly
JCAHO) medication
How It Works reconciliation requirements

禄 Streamlines communication
By integrating data from local pharmacies, insurance purchases, and discharge medications
between clinicians at all
from previous hospital visits, the Medication Reconciliation Solution automatically creates stages of care, including
transitions and outpatient
a list of a patient鈥檚 current home medications. Caregivers can then choose to continue,
discontinue, modify, or add medications at each transition through a visual reconciliation
禄 Generates an accurate
process. Upon discharge, orders can be sent electronically to the patient鈥檚 pharmacist along
discharge medication list,
with notification to the primary care provider.
prescriptions, and clear

For more information, call (800) 525-9083, ext. 6095.
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