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              POISINDEX                    庐
Database Descriptions
Searching the System DRUGDEX庐 System
Provides over 1,800
comprehensive drug
monographs and more
than 4,500 drug consults.

Offers peer-reviewed
monographs and abstracts
for acute care.

Complementary &
Alternative Medicine Series
Includes the AltMedDex鈩?
and AltCareDex庐 Systems &
the Royal Pharmaceutical
Society鈥檚 Herbal Medicines,
offering comprehensive
information on alternative
medicines and therapies.

Provides over 5,300 drug
and 600 disease mono-
graphs, and indexes 72,000
1. Search POISINDEX庐 or IDENTIDEX庐 databases:
proprietary products from
From the main screen, select Toxicology under Find drugs and substances. Select either over 17 countries.
the POISINDEX or IDENTIDEX System, enter the substance name or imprint code from
IV INDEX庐 System
tablets or capsules, then click Search.
Instantly presents IV
compatibilty information.
2. Search by AAPCC or Product Reference Number: If the substance AAPCC or Product
Reference Number is known, enter the number then click Search. Index Nominum
Provides international drug
name cross-referencing of
3. Access other MICROMEDEX databases: Click the Main button and enter search parameter in
over 41,000 trade names
the Integrated Index庐 search term box or click Search by database or Search by category and 12,000 synonyms from
and then enter a search term. 45 countries.


Navigation within the Toxicologic Database Descriptions

Managements MSDS from USP
Includes more than 1,000
government-issued sheets
on special handling of drugs
and chemicals.

Physicians鈥? Desk Reference庐
1. Section Links: click the
POISINDEX庐 Managements
hypertext link to a specific
Offers peer-reviewed
section of interest within treatment protocols for
the management. hundreds of thousands of
substances, including toxic
& non-toxic exposures.
2. Find Feature: Click the
Overview section of the TOMES庐 System
management, then type F5. Provides health hazard, risk
management, industrial
This will reveal the Find box in which specific search parameters may
hygiene, and environmental
be entered. HINT: Make sure the 鈥渃ase sensitive鈥? box is unchecked information.
to broaden your results.
Presents human reproductive
3. Management History: Previously viewed managements can be risks of drug, chemical, and
accessed by clicking the History column, then selecting the desired environmental hazards.

Knowledge when you need it most.鈩?

To learn more about the MICROMEDEX庐 Healthcare Series, go to the Learning Center at the
bottom of the main search page, visit, or call (800) 525-9083. Outside the U.S. & Canada, please call Intl: +1 303 486-6444 or contact your local distributor.

All MICROMEDEX Systems are Copyright漏 1974-2001 MICROMEDEX Thomson Healthcare.
HC-5251 PDX QRC 01/01
All rights reserved. All product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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