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PaneL FOrm
Featuring TimberStrand庐 LSL
for Tilt-up Panel Forming
Recommended for use with 11鈦?8"-Thick Panels Readily

the MILCO Adjust-A-Trak Available in These Depths:
Penetration-free Panel 5", 51鈦?2", 6", 7", 71鈦?4", 8", 91鈦?4",
Forming System鈩? 10", 111鈦?4", 12"
Custom Depths Also Available
High-Strength, Durable

Forms with Multiple Reuses No Ripping or Stacking

Highly Resistant to Twisting, Compatible with All Release

Bowing, and Shrinking Agents

Excellent Fastener Holding Limited Product Warranty

No Sorting or Culling Means

Minimal Waste


TimberStrand庐 LSL Concrete Panel Form
In the past there were few choices between types of edge-
Trus Joist
forming materials. Now iLevel鈩? Trus Joist庐 Commercial TimberStrand庐
LSL Panel Form
TimberStrand庐 LSL concrete panel form provides a
superior form choice.

Integral Component of the MILCO Adjust-A-Trak
Penetration-free Panel Forming System鈩?. TimberStrand庐
LSL Panel Form is the perfect match for MILCO's
CommonTrak鈩?, EdgeTrak鈩?, TrakCap鈩?, and MILCO Tilt-
up Spray Adhesive. Together, these components form a Steel Angle
complete system for efficiently and economically forming
tilt panels in many sizes, shapes, and jobsite conditions.
And the best part is, no floor patching is required after the
panels are lifted. MILCO
Fast and Efficient Forming. TimberStrand庐 laminated
strand lumber (LSL) concrete panel form comes in long
lengths and can be ordered in depths to match your panel
form needs, minimizing the cost and time spent ripping or
stacking forms to match panel depths.

Trus Joist
Engineered Wood Advantages. TimberStrand庐 LSL
concrete panel form is workable and easy to handle. It鈥檚 LSL Panel Form
straight, strong, and consistent, and resists the common
problems of bowing, twisting, and shrinking. MILCO TrakCap鈩?

Environment and Technology. TimberStrand庐 LSL is a
technological breakthrough that allows us to engineer
structural composite lumber from logs that are not large
MILCO CommonTrak鈩?
or straight enough to be of structural value in conventional
wood products. We produce this remarkable new Spacer
generation of engineered lumber using wood fibers from
plentiful, small diameter trees such as aspen. In addition,
our TimberStrand庐 LSL manufacturing process takes
advantage of the wood鈥檚 natural strength and minimizes
Product Storage
many natural inconsistencies such as knots and splits.
Protect products from sun and water
Best Choice. TimberStrand庐 LSL concrete panel form
Wrap is slippery
when wet or icy
allows crews to set up and align formwork with minimal
splicing and labor. With TimberStrand庐 LSL concrete
Use support blocks
panel form, you can expect a durable product for multiple
at 10' on-center to
reuses. keep products out of
mud and water

Call your iLevel representative today to order the TimberStrand庐 LSL Concrete Panel Form. 1.877.856.9663

march 2007 Weyerhaeuser 庐, TimberStrand庐, and Trus Joist庐 are registered trademarks and iLevel鈩?
reorder COm-6600 is a trademark of Weyerhaeuser. 漏 2007 Weyerhaeuser Company. All rights reserved.
This document supersedes all
previous versions. If this is more
than one year old, contact your
dealer or iLevel rep.

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