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                                                            TOMES庐 System
from Thomson Micromedex

鈾? Helps evaluate exposures, respond to emergency situations, and meet
regulatory compliance
鈾? Provides quick, easy access to medical and hazard information

The TOMES庐 System is a user-friendly, industrial chemical database providing rapid, easy access to medical and
hazard information needed for safe management of chemicals in the workplace, evaluating exposures, quick
response to emergency situations, and regulatory compliance. The TOMES System comprises three extensively
referenced modules - the MEDITEXT庐, HAZARDTEXT庐, and INFOTEXT庐 databases.

The MEDITEXT Medical Managements are The HAZARDTEXT Hazard Managements
designed for use by healthcare professionals involved present information needed for the initial response to
in the evaluation and treatment of individuals incidents such as spills, leaks, and fires that involve
experiencing acute exposure to industrial chemicals. hazardous materials. In addition to information on
They contain information necessary for reporting toxicology, environmental fate, and pollution,
potential adverse health effects and treatment for HAZARDTEXT provides guidelines for evacuation,
chemical release exposures as required under Title III personal protection, and chemical disposal.
(Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-
Know) of the Superfund Amendment and HAZARDTEXT documents include:
鈥? Substance Included Synonyms
Reauthorization Act (SARA).
鈥? Clinical Effects
鈥? Treatment
MEDITEXT documents include:
鈥? Overview 鈥? Range of Toxicity
鈥? Substance Included and Synonyms 鈥? Hazard Data and Management (including
鈥? Clinical Effects of Exposure (indexed by organ Disposal Guidelines and Personal Protection)
鈥? References
鈥? Medical Surveillance/Laboratory Evaluation
鈥? Case Reports The INFOTEXT database within the TOMES
鈥? Treatment of Exposed Individuals (organized by System contains regulatory listings and other more
route of exposure) general information documents. Information is
鈥? Range of Toxicity presented for a variety of industry-related areas that
鈥? Available Forms and Sources are not chemical specific including ergonomics,
鈥? Pharmacology/Toxicology endocrine disruptors, and human health risk
鈥? Standards and Labels assessment.
鈥? Physicochemical Parameters
鈥? References

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