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                                                 REPRORISK庐 System
鈾? Helps prevent possible medical and legal complications
鈾? Assists patients in making more informed decisions
鈾? Facilitates identification and reporting of hazardous health effects

The REPRORISK庐 System is the single most comprehensive compilation of reproductive risk information
databases available in the world. The System helps professionals evaluate reproductive risks of drugs, chemicals,
and physical and environmental agents on males, females, and unborn children. It has proven effective in helping
identify potential hazards, reduce exposures, prevent possible medical and legal complications, educate patients to
make informed decisions, and as a medical counseling tool. The REPRORISK庐 System contains:
REPROTEXT庐 Reproductive Hazard Reference Shepard's Catalog of Teratogenic Agents,
presents in-depth reviews on full-range health effects developed by Dr. Thomas H. Shepard and
of industrial chemicals commonly encountered in the co-authored by Dr. Ronald J. Lemire, Professors of
workplace. Pediatrics, University of Washington, contains
鈥? Covers physical agents including heat, noise, and up-to-date information on teratogenic agents
including chemicals, food additives, household
products, environmental pollutants, pharmaceuticals,
鈥? Describes effects on human reproduction of
and viruses. Descriptions of research methods and
acute and chronic exposures; and reproductive,
results, along with complete references, are reported.
carcinogenic, and genetic influences
Studies from international literature are cited.
鈥? Includes unique Dual Health Hazard Ranking
鈥? Presents Synonyms/Identifiers
System for general toxicity, and "grade-card"
鈥? Offers Summaries
scale suggesting level of reproductive hazard
鈥? Includes references
鈥? Helps set risk reducing priorities by combining
hazard rankings with exposure estimates
TERIS Teratogen Information System, developed
鈥? Assists with development of programs to
by the University of Washington, provides current
improve employee protection guidelines
information on the teratogenic effects of drugs and
environmental agents. Agent summaries derived from
REPROTOX庐 Reproductive Hazard Information,
thorough literature reviews rate reproductive risk and
from the Reproductive Toxicology Center, Bethesda,
explain data used to determine the rating. Retrieval of
MD, covers the impact of the physical and chemical
agent summaries can be done using domestic,
environment on human reproduction and
international, generic, and proprietary names.
鈥? Agent Name and Number
鈥? Covers all aspects of reproduction including
鈥? Summary of Teratogenic Effects
fertility, male exposures, and lactation
鈥? Magnitude of Risk
鈥? Discusses reproductive influences of industrial
鈥? Quality and Quantity of Data
and environmental chemicals; prescription,
鈥? Comments
nonprescription, and recreational drugs; and
nutritional agents 鈥? References
鈥? Includes latest, most relevant teratology articles

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